25 Wild and Crazy State Fair Foods You've Got to See to Believe ...


If you’ve ever gone to one of the larger state fairs, I’m sure you’ve seen your share of unusual fair foods. Some of them actually sound good while others are just downright weird and you wonder who actually eats them. And if you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing any of these oddball fair foods, you’ve got see them in person one day. But for now, check out these photos and let me know if you’d ever try any of them!

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Donut Burger

Donut Burger Via Crazy State Fair Food: Fried ...
This is definitely one of the fair foods I wouldn't want to try. I mean, I like donuts and burgers, just not together.


Elephant Ears

Elephant Ears Via ziplist.com
Don't worry, there are some wacky fair foods out there, but not as crazy as real elephant ears. This is actually a sweet, deep fried confection.


Elephant ears are a popular deep-fried sweet treat found at many state fairs. The treat is made of dough that is rolled out thin and cut into elephant ear shapes. The dough is then deep-fried and topped with a variety of sweet toppings, such as cinnamon and sugar, honey, and powdered sugar. The treat is then served hot and often enjoyed with a cold glass of milk or lemonade. Elephant ears are a popular snack for both adults and children alike, and can be found in many food stands and concession stands at state fairs.


Fried Bubble Gum

Fried Bubble Gum Via Texas State Fair: 15 Crazy ...
This is one of the questionable foods I'm not I would try or not. Having fried bubble gum just sounds wrong!


Fried Coca-Cola

Fried Coca-Cola Via State Fairs, like insane asylums ...
If you're a Coke lover, having fried Coke must be on your food bucket list.


Fried Coke is a deep-fried concoction made from Coca-Cola-infused batter. It is a popular fair food that has become a staple at state fairs across the United States. The fried Coke is made by mixing Coca-Cola syrup with a batter, forming it into balls, and then deep-frying it. The result is a sweet, crunchy treat that is sure to tantalize the taste buds.

The fried Coke is often served with a dollop of ice cream, making it a decadent treat. It can also be garnished with chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and other toppings. The treat is a favorite among state fair-goers, and it has also become popular at carnivals, amusement parks, and other events.

Fried Coke is a unique and delicious treat that is sure to please. It is easy to make and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. The fried Coke is a perfect way to cool down on a hot summer day or to satisfy a sweet tooth. So, if you're looking for a unique and delicious food experience, be sure to try fried Coke at your next state fair or carnival!


Fried Chicken Skin

Fried Chicken Skin Via Texas State Fair: 15 Crazy ...
Chicken skin is usually the best part, but would you eat it if it was fried again?


Chicken-Fried Bacon

Chicken-Fried Bacon Via Chicken-Fried Bacon, Anyone
Now for something a little more on the normal side, kind of. Bacon lovers are sure to love this fried take on their favorite treat.


Chicken-Fried Bacon is a unique take on a classic favorite. It's made by coating thick-cut bacon in a batter made of egg, flour, and seasonings, then deep-frying it until it's golden brown and crispy. The resulting dish is a delicious combination of crunchy and savory flavors.

This unique dish is a popular item at state fairs across the country. It's often served with dipping sauces such as ranch dressing, honey mustard, or barbecue sauce. It's also a great snack to share with friends or family.

Chicken-Fried Bacon is a great way to enjoy bacon in a new way. It's a fun and tasty treat that's sure to be a hit with bacon lovers. Plus, it's an easy and convenient snack that can be enjoyed while walking around the fair.

Chicken-Fried Bacon is a great way to experience the flavors of the state fair. Whether you're looking for a unique snack or just want to try something new, this fried treat is sure to please.


Red Velvet Funnel Cake

Red Velvet Funnel Cake Via From classic to crazy: state ...
Red velvet funnel cake is neither wild or crazy, but it gets points for being unique. Who wouldn't want to sink their teeth into that?


Bacon Cheese Sandwich

Bacon Cheese Sandwich Via Bacon To Cheer You Up! ...
Would you like to try a bite of this low-carb sandwich?


Deep Fried Samoas

Deep Fried Samoas Via blog.rarebirdinc.com
Samoas were my jam when I used to eat Girl Scout cookies. I think these are a definite must-try for any cookie lover.


Sauteed Mealworms

Sauteed Mealworms Via travelandleisure.com
This unique food was sold at the Arizona State Fair and it's said to have the texture of fried onions, but with the flavor of popcorn. You can get them on a bun or candied apple.


Fried Butter

Fried Butter Via travelandleisure.com
I've passed up the opportunity to try fried butter before. But now that I've heard that it tastes like a buttery biscuit, I'm so mad that I didn't try it!


Honestly, who would've thought that dunking butter in a deep fryer could turn it into something so scrumptious? At state fairs, this indulgent treat comes on a stick, golden and crispy on the outside with a molten, creamy center. It's often dusted with a sprinkle of powdered sugar, elevating it to dessert-level decadence. It might think of it as a heart-stopping gimmick, but once you've tasted the warm, melt-in-your-mouth interior, you'll understand why fair-goers are smitten. Consider it the ultimate comfort snack for those who aren't faint of heart—or dieting!


Fried Mashed Potato

Fried Mashed Potato Via Texas State Fair: 15 Crazy ...
Deep fried mashed potatoes aren't too crazy and I think this would actually be really good.


Fried Cheeseburger Bites

Fried Cheeseburger Bites Via The Good and the Bad ...
If you like cheeseburgers but can't be bothered to eat them with two hands. Fried cheeseburger bites make a convenient one-handed treat.


Fried Gator

Fried Gator Via seriouseats.com
Gator meat mixed with onions and peppers and coated with tempura batter.


Fried Watermelon

Fried Watermelon Via seriouseats.com
I can't imagine this tasting good. Would you ever try it?


Ice Cream Cheeseburger

Ice Cream Cheeseburger Via Over-the-Top Burgers | Food & ...
Do you love sweet and savory combinations? Then perhaps this ice cream cheeseburger might be right up your alley.


Deep-Fried Kool-Aid

Deep-Fried Kool-Aid Via trend-junky.com
If you like donut holes and Kool-Aid, this deep fried dessert was made for your taste buds.


Fried Rolos

Fried Rolos Via seriouseats.com
I could seriously go for some fried Rolos right about now.


Deep Fried Mac and Cheese

Deep Fried Mac and Cheese Via From classic to crazy: state ...
Even mac 'n cheese got the deep fried treatment.



Cornbread Via seriouseats.com
This isn't real cornbread, that would be way too plain for the state fair. This is deep fried corn on the cob.


BBQ Parfait

BBQ Parfait Via seriouseats.com
OK, so this really isn't as gross as it seems. At first, I thought this was BBQ sauce on ice cream, but it's actually layers of beans, mashed potatoes, smoked pork and BBQ sauce.


Fried Jelly Beans

Fried Jelly Beans Via travelandleisure.com
If you can't stand to eat jelly beans all by themselves, throw them in the deep fryer!


Deep Fried Beer

Deep Fried Beer Via i.huffpost.com
This crazy concoction made its debut in 2010 and I'm not sure if it's still being made, but you've gotta admit it's a pretty creative idea.


Kool-Aid Pickles or Koolickles

Kool-Aid Pickles or Koolickles Via leenaeats.com
If you're a fan of sweet and sour snacks, the Koolickle might be your next food obsession!


Chocolate Covered Corn Dog

Chocolate Covered Corn Dog Via i.huffpost.com
Corn dogs just aren't good enough on their own, they've got to be covered in chocolate and sprinkles to be state fair-approved.

What do you think of these wacky state fair foods? Have you tried any of them before? I'd love to hear your thoughts on them!

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Lol , great post!!

I heart attack just looking at these

I really don't plan on trying any of these foods. Ever.

Some of these look good but the majority really look nasty!

So basically deep fry everything. Would still taste some of this

I wish my country do the same

Is anything at a fair NOT fried?

Wow they deep fry just about anything

Mealworms yukkkk

14 is actually disgusting I've tried it

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