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If you’re the parent of a picky eater, you’ll need to quickly learn the benefits of fun food for kids. Making food appeal to kids also helps introduce new ingredients and flavors without the little one having a fear of the unknown. With a little time (and probably quite some patience) you can make fun food for kids they won’t be able to resist. Meal times will become a storyboard.

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Apple Owl

Apple Owl Via 20 Awesome Fun Foods for ...

Sometimes, making fun food for kids is just a matter of food art.


Berry Butterflies

Berry Butterflies Via DO play with your food! ...

Butterfly shapes are so easy to make.


Watermelon Christmas Trees

Watermelon Christmas Trees Via Watermelon Christmas trees - Lasoo ...

Somehow, as pretty as they look, I don't associate watermelon with Christmas.


Tortilla Snowflakes

Tortilla Snowflakes Via 24 Fun Holiday Treats To ...

I know - Christmas again but these are so darling. All you do is cut tortillas into a snowflake shape and bake. Then allow to cool and sprinkle with powdered sugar.


School Book Sandwiches

School Book Sandwiches Via School Book Sandwiches - Kids ...

I think these are fabulous but you need to be some kind of domestic goddess to have time to make these for your kid's lunch.


Lobster Croissant

Lobster Croissant Via Cute Food For Kids?: Crescent ...

You could make this from either sweet (marshmallows and strawberries) or savory (mozzarella balls and cherry tomatoes).


Apple Cars

Apple Cars Via dotcomsformoms.com

Give your little monster the drive to eat his fruit ^_^


Flower Sandwiches

Flower Sandwiches Via It's Written on the Wall: ...

What little girl wouldn't be delighted o find these in her lunch box?


Lion King Pasta

Lion King Pasta Via 20 Awesome Fun Foods for ...

Enlist Disney's help in getting your little on to eat their pasta.


A playful plate of Lion King Pasta can turn mealtime into a savanna adventure. Shaped like beloved characters Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa, these noodles are sure to roar some excitement into your kids' routine. Pair the pasta with a savory tomato sauce and don't forget a sprinkle of "Hakuna Matata" cheese. Watch as your children's imaginations run wild with every bite, ensuring a fun and nutritious meal that even the pickiest of eaters can’t resist. Join the circle of life at your dining table with this delightful dish.


Pizza Faces

Pizza Faces Via Olives and Pennies: Fun Food ...

Use your imagination and lots of different ingredients to make faces.


Rice Krispies Treats Paint Brush

Rice Krispies Treats Paint Brush Via Rice Krispies paint brushes

Appeal to your young budding artist (he won't be able to write on the walls with this paintbrush!)


A Christmas Tree of Vegetables

A Christmas Tree of Vegetables Via A Christmas Tree of Vegetables ...

Just because it's Christmas doesn't mean little ones can get away with not eating their veggies.


Stuffed Zucchini Sailing Boats

Stuffed Zucchini Sailing Boats Via 20 Awesome Fun Foods for ...

Sail to success at meal times!


Skeleton Food

Skeleton Food Via Oct./Nov. ideas

Why wait for Halloween? This little guy needs feeding up!


Sandwich Sticks

Sandwich Sticks Via Movies for the Weekend: Play ...

Got a little one who won't eat a sandwich? Try this!


Turkey Sandwiches

Turkey Sandwiches Via Thanksgiving Ideas for the kids ...

Perfect for Thanksgiving, or just the midweek turkey sandwich.


Lightning Strikes

Lightning Strikes Via Get Kids Gobbling Their Veggies ...

Weather the storm with a kiddie who won't eat her vegetables. I could totally demolish a cauliflower cloud.


Food Snails

Food Snails Via pinterest.com

Is this what they call slow food?


Playful Seal

Playful Seal Via ParentsConnect

I personally would use a cherry tomato to balance on his nose.


Goldfish Crackers

Goldfish Crackers Via Fun Food For Kids

Give rice cakes a makeover to make them palatable to little mouths.


Ham, Cheese and Pickle Sushi

Ham, Cheese and Pickle Sushi Via Ideas & Inspiration For Crafty ...

Now kiddoes can have sushi like mom and dad.


Mushroom Village Caprese Salad

Mushroom Village Caprese Salad Via Mushroom Village

A Caprese salad doesn't sound much like fun food for kids but make it into shapes and it's a different matter.


Mice Potatoes

Mice Potatoes Via mice are nice - My ...

Even baked potatoes can get a fun makeover.


Pepper Turkey

Pepper Turkey Via Thanksgiving Turkey Peppers and Hummus ...

Fill the body with a yummy healthy dip.


Apple Sandwiches

Apple Sandwiches Via Craft Ideas for Evan

Forget the bread. Stick yummy fillings between slices of sweet, juicy apple.


Teddy Bear Toast

Teddy Bear Toast Via When that day comes <3

What child wouldn't love this from breakfast ... or lunch... or supper?


Baby Bel Cheese and Sesame Seeds

Baby Bel Cheese and Sesame Seeds Via Food art for kids

Is it me, or do some of those look like The Beatles with their mop cuts? Get a sharp knife and hone your cutting skills for this one.


Octopus Hot Dog

Octopus Hot Dog Via Fun Food for Kids: Octopus ...

These really are too cute to be eaten.


Sushi Penguin

Sushi Penguin Via Learn with Play at Home: ...

I would never, ever have thought you could make a penguin out of sushi ingredients.


Squid Dogs

Squid Dogs Via Gwaltney Foods

Yes those tentacles really are coming out of the squid's body. You have to gently thread uncooked spaghetti through the sausage and then cook until the noodles are soft.


Fish Egg

Fish Egg Via Feliz? Feliz! Feliz.: 01/04/12 - ...

Fish egg or egg fish? Whatever, it makes a boring old fried egg far more interesting.

With a little imagination you can make all sorts of fun food for kids. Everyday foods become a work of art. Do you have to dress up food for your little one?

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ADORABLE! Oh chilly penguin so cute. I love them all. I'm going to recreate these.

These are such adorable fun ideas! :D

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