Amazing Smoothies 🍹 for Girls Trying to Have More Veggies πŸŒ½πŸ™ˆ ...


There are still many people who don’t like vegetables despite knowing how nutritious they are and how vital they are to a healthy diet. Maybe you only like a few vegetables despite the mass of variety. I personally think you can grow to like vegetables but if you think you can’t, you still get their nutrition by sneaking them into your fruit smoothies. These are also great if you’ve got picky kids who don’t like veggies.

1. Green Machine Smoothie


More like a drinkable salad, this smoothie contains loads of good things. There’s cottage cheese for protein, pineapple and honey for sweetness (and anti-oxidants) and the veggie powerhouses of spinach and kale.

Recipe here

Peach, Carrot and Mango Smoothie
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