26 Cocktails to Sip on While Enjoying Spring ...


26 Cocktails to Sip on While Enjoying Spring ...
26 Cocktails to Sip on While Enjoying Spring ...

While everyone else is at the spa getting a spring mani-pedi, I'm over here scouring the interwebz for tasty new spring cocktails to share. You're welcome.

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Whiskey Smash

Source: How to Make a Whiskey


Limoncello Gin Cocktail with Grilled Thyme

Source: Limoncello- Gin Cocktail... Taste Tested!


Spring is the perfect season to refresh your cocktail repertoire, and this Limoncello Gin Cocktail with Grilled Thyme is a zesty twist that's sure to invigorate your taste buds. The citrus burst of limoncello blends seamlessly with the distinct juniper essence of gin, while the charred thyme introduces a smoky sophistication to the drink, adding depth to every sip. It's an elegant choice for an afternoon garden party or a tranquil sunset gathering. Unwind and bask in the warmth of the season's sun with this spirited and herbal concoction in hand. Cheers to springtime sophistication!


Strawberry Pineapple Mimosas

Source: Strawberry Pineapple Mimosas - Damn


Deliciously fruity and refreshingly bubbly, Strawberry Pineapple Mimosas make the perfect accompaniment to a sunny spring brunch. Simply blend fresh strawberries and pineapple juice for a tropical twist on the classic mimosa. Top off with your favorite champagne and garnish with a strawberry slice for an elegant finish. This cocktail not only tantalizes with its vibrant color but also tempts the taste buds with a delightful combination of sweetness and effervescence. Whether you're toasting to the season or just savoring the moment, these mimosas promise to add a splash of fun to any gathering.


Spiked Raspberry Sweet Tea

Source: Spiked Raspberry Sweet Tea


Perfect for those balmy spring afternoons, this refreshing concoction blends the tangy sweetness of raspberries with the comforting embrace of sweet tea, topped with a playful spike of your favorite liquor. Ideal for sipping while lounging on a porch swing or sharing laughs with friends at a garden party, its vibrant hue is a nod to the blooming flowers around. Enjoy the harmonious marriage of fruity and boozy notes in a drink that promises to become a season favorite. Cheers to sunny days and starry nights!


Strawberry Gin Smash

Source: My Kind of Spring Drink


This Strawberry Gin Smash is the perfect way to welcome the arrival of spring. The light and refreshing cocktail is made with gin, lemon juice, strawberry puree, and simple syrup. The sweet and tart flavor of the drink will transport you to a day of sunshine and blue skies.

To make the Strawberry Gin Smash, start by muddling 3-4 strawberries in a shaker with a tablespoon of simple syrup. Add a shot of gin, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, and a few ice cubes. Shake the mixture for 30-60 seconds until it is well combined. Strain the mixture into a glass filled with ice, and top with a few more muddled strawberries.

The Strawberry Gin Smash is a great way to celebrate the arrival of spring. This cocktail is perfect for any outdoor gathering or special occasion. It's also a great way to relax and enjoy a sunny day. The sweet and tart flavor of the drink will be sure to make any spring day special.


Raspberry Lemon Drop Martini

Source: Raspberry Lemon Drop Martinis


This beautiful and refreshing cocktail is ideal for spring gatherings or a quiet evening at home. The tantalizing blend of fresh raspberries and zesty lemon creates a harmonious mix that tickles the taste buds. It's not only about the flavor, but its vibrant hue also captures the essence of springtime. Simply muddle the raspberries and mix with vodka, lemon juice, and a splash of simple syrup. Serve in a chilled glass with a sugared rim for that extra touch of sweetness. It’s the perfect toast to the longer, sunnier days ahead.


Watermelon Mojitos

Source: The best watermelon mojito •


Lillet Rose Spring Cocktail

Source: marthastewart.com


With a delicate pink hue perfect for the blooming season, this delightful concoction blends the subtle flavors of Lillet Rosé with the crispness of grapefruit juice. A touch of gin lends complexity, while a splash of sparkling water adds a light effervescence. Garnish with a grapefruit twist to enhance the fruity aroma and you’ve crafted a cocktail that’s as refreshing as a gentle spring breeze. Ideal for garden parties or simply to toast the longer days ahead, it's a sophisticated sipper that's bound to please.


Peach Basil Moscow Mule

Source: Peach Basil Moscow Mule


Blackberry Thyme Cocktail

Source: Blackberry Thyme Champagne Cocktail


The Botanist

Source: 30 Cocktails So Stunning, They


The Botanist is a refreshing spring cocktail with a unique flavor profile. The drink is made with gin, elderflower liqueur, lime juice, and simple syrup, and is garnished with a sprig of rosemary for an added touch of herbal flavor. This cocktail is perfect for a spring gathering, as it is light and refreshing while still having a unique flavor that stands out from the crowd.

The Botanist is a great choice for a light and refreshing spring cocktail. It has a bright and floral flavor, with the elderflower liqueur and lime juice providing a sweet and tart flavor. The gin gives the drink a nice herbal flavor and the rosemary sprig adds a nice touch of herbal aroma. The simple syrup helps to balance out the tartness of the lime juice, making the drink easy to sip on while enjoying the spring season.


Capiroska with Fresh Kiwi

Source: Cool Mom Picks - the


Prickly Pear Mezcal Mule Cocktail

Source: freutcake.com


Raspberry Sorbet Bellinis

Source: reciperunner.com


Orange-flavored Martini

Source: Orange Vodka Martini - Give


Blueberry Moscow Mule

Source: blueberry moscow mule - Lipgloss


The Big Freeze

Source: Rum Cocktails & Drink Recipes


Grapefruit Tequila Slammer

Source: Grapefruit Tequila Slammer - Self


Champagne Grapefruit Mojito

Source: callmepmc.com


Blackberry Mint Mojitos

Source: Blackberry Mint Mojitos — Tastes


Coconut Peach Frost Cocktail

Source: Coconut Peach Frost Cocktail


Mexican Mimosa

Source: Mexican Mimosa - Garnish with


Adult Raspberry Italian Cream Sodas

Source: thecookierookie.com


Lavender Tom Collins

Source: Toast to Spring Flowers With


Ombre Grapefruit Cocktail

Source: 15 Fresh Signature Cocktails for


Blackberry and Lime Fizz Cocktail

Source: Blackberry + Lime Fizz Cocktail

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