23 Classic French Desserts and Puddings and Sweets and Cakes ...

By Neecey

23 Classic French Desserts and Puddings and Sweets and Cakes ...

French cuisine is still looked to for classic dishes. No matter what changes in the food world - and do we see hundreds of new trends every year or what? Classic French desserts are the mainstay of pastry chefs the world over. Can you create classic French patisserie in your own kitchen? Why yes - here'ssome recipes to try.

Table of contents:

  1. crêpe suzette
  2. apple galette
  3. mille feuilles
  4. crêpes
  5. chocolate soufflé
  6. macarons
  7. croquembouche
  8. croissants
  9. éclairs
  10. tarte tatin
  11. french apple cake
  12. paris-brest
  13. madelines
  14. the saint honoré
  15. crème brûlée
  16. raspberry clafoutis
  17. opera cake
  18. dacquoise
  19. sablés
  20. tarte framboise
  21. flan parisien
  22. classic french apple tart
  23. oeufs à la neige

1 Crêpe Suzette

Source: French Crepes Suzette
You couldn't go to a dinner party in the 1970s without being served Crêpe Suzette for dessert.

2 Apple Galette

Source: 5 French Bistro Classics | ...
Some wonderful apple desserts originate in Normandy - a major orchard region that's also famous for cider and calvados.

3 Mille Feuilles

Mille Feuilles Source: French Napoleons. Click the photo ...
The name means "thousand layers". I believe they are called Napoleons in the US. One of thebest French desserts in the world!

4 Crêpes

Crêpes Source: Crazy for Crepes
Classic French pancakes.

5 Chocolate Soufflé

Chocolate Soufflé Source: Classic Chocolate Soufflé Recipe by ...
Master this famous French dessert and you'll be set to wow any and all dinner guests

6 Macarons

Macarons Source: How to Make Macarons | ...
The trendiest dessert treat around at the moment.

7 Croquembouche

Croquembouche Source: Croquembouche (Caramel-Glazed Cream Puffs) | ...
One of the most impressive French desserts you'll ever see. A tower of choux pastry filled puffs. Often made as wedding cakes.

8 Croissants

Croissants Source: Adventures in Cooking: Croissants: Three ...
Store bought croissants are infinitely inferior to home-baked ones.

9 Éclairs

Éclairs Source: The Best Éclairs in Paris ...
The same goes for éclairs. Unless of course, you buy them fresh from a Paris patisserie.

10 Tarte Tatin

Tarte Tatin Source: Tarte Tatin Recipe | Martha ...
time to pimp up good ole apple pie.

11 French Apple Cake

French Apple Cake Source: French Apple Cake - Cook's ...
A dessert with a custardy, apple-rich base beneath a light, cakelike topping.

12 Paris-Brest

Paris-Brest Source: Treats
A large ring of choux pastry filled with a praline-infused pastry cream.

13 Madelines

Madelines Source: madelines-DSC_0028 | ChinDeep
The classic French tea time treat - not quite a cake, not quite a cookie.

14 The Saint Honoré

The Saint Honoré Source: Manger
Named for the patron saint of pastry chefs.

15 Crème Brûlée

Crème Brûlée Source: How Brit Rachel Khoo seduced ...
Such a simple but impressive dessert! Even better served with fresh raspberries.

16 Raspberry Clafoutis

Raspberry Clafoutis Source: Raspberry Clafoutis Recipe - Alix ...
A simple batter and yummy fruit. You can use practically any fruit in a clafoutis.

17 Opera Cake

Opera Cake Source: bisousatoi.com
The ultimate layer cake with layers of coffee butter cream and chocolate ganache.

18 Dacquoise

Dacquoise Source: Sweet And Sour | Recetas ...
A dacquoise is a dessert cake made with layers of almond and hazelnut meringue and whipped cream or buttercream

19 Sablés

Sablés Source: Portable Desserts | Food & ...
A butter cookie with a crumbly texture.

20 Tarte Framboise

Tarte Framboise Source: Tarte Framboises (Raspberry Tartlets) - ...
Raspberry Tartlets - a classic and timeless French favorite

21 Flan Parisien

Flan Parisien Source: Flan Patissier | Zen Can ...
Also known as flan pâtissier. Delicious thick custard browned on top and a buttery pâte brisée on the bottom.

22 Classic French Apple Tart

Classic French Apple Tart Source: Recipe Graze - A Curated ...
Absolutely must be thin slices of apple.

23 Oeufs À La Neige

Oeufs À La Neige Source: Floating Islands | SAVEUR
Literally 'eggs in the snow' or île flottante (floating island) is meringue floating in crème anglaise (a vanilla custard)

Oh la la, my mouth is watering. Are your taste buds dancing?

If this has whetted your appetite for French food and you want to try some more classic dishes click here.

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