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Deliciously Spooky Halloween Punch to Bring Fun to Your Party ...

By Eliza

What party would be complete without some punch, right? It's getting close to Halloween and that probably means you're planning some type of celebration. You are in the right place here because I've gathered some of the best (and spookiest) Halloween punch recipes. Some of them are alcoholic and some aren't, so you're sure to find a recipe to please all the trick or treaters, young and old.

1 Harry Potter Polyjuice Potion

green, drink, lighting, glass, produce,Source:
This non-alcoholic punch is perfect for anyone who is a Harry Potter fan.

2 Witch's Potion

food, breakfast, meal, dessert, drink,Source:
This decadent punch is great for a late afternoon Halloween party.


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3 Candy Corn Punch

food, drink, produce, land plant, breakfast,Source:
If you love candy corn, you will adore this sweet punch.

4 Witches Brew Halloween Punch

food, dish, meal, cuisine, asian food,Source:
The creepy eyeballs floating in this punch makes it perfect for your scary celebration.

5 Eyeball Halloween Punch

drink, alcoholic beverage, cocktail, produce, berry,Source:
Speaking of eyeballs, this punch is spooky and has a great blood color for your bash.

6 Wormy Orange Punch

drink, food, juice, mai tai, produce,Source:
Gummy worms are the perfect garnishment for your spooky Halloween punch.

7 Candy Corn Layered Drink

drink, alcoholic beverage, juice, non alcoholic beverage, liqueur,Source:
No one will be able to resist this delicious layered punch that looks just like a candy corn.

Jeff cant find link for recipe...


color, green, white, light, lighting,Source:
Swamp water tastes way better than it sounds and is great for a Halloween party.

9 Poison Apple Halloween Drink

drink, produce, juice, land plant, fruit,Source:
This "poison" apple drink is great for freaking out the kids at your party.

10 VooDoo Punch

WEDDING CRASHERS, advertising, biology, screenshot, flyer,Source:
They injectors full of red fluid make this an absolutely perfect punch for Halloween.


green, drink, alcoholic beverage, glass, juice,Source:
If eerie is what you're looking for, you'll find it with this green punch.

12 Black Widow Venom Halloween Punch

red, art, painting, modern art, acrylic paint,Source:
Isn't that spider spooky?

13 Blood Orange Punch

drink, juice, produce, food, strawberry,Source:
Could anything be more perfect for Halloween than blood orange punch?

14 Smoking Blackberry Sage

drink, alcoholic beverage, distilled beverage, liqueur, cocktail,Source:
Here's something for the grown ups at your party.

15 Orange Crush Punch

color, yellow, party, drink, wine glass,Source:
This spiked orange drink is the ideal color for your Halloween festivities.

16 Toxic Ooze Halloween Punch

drink, juice, 250, APPRO, Aot,Source:
You are going to love this stuff, I promise!

17 Witches Brew Punch

food, plant, produce, land plant, drink,Source:
It doesn't get any better than this spooky green drink that is crawling with worms.

18 Orange Batty Punch

drink, meal, pumpkin, cocktail, brunch,Source:
It's not Halloween until the bats arrive.

19 Frankenstein Punch

slush, drink, lighting, food, juice,Source:
Kids at your party aren't going to be able to get enough of this.

20 Casper's Cocoa Mix

drink, cocktail, alcoholic beverage, non alcoholic beverage, food,Source:
This drink has a little bit of everything that makes Halloween so wonderful.

21 Halloween Pumpkin Punch

plant, food, produce, orange, pumpkin,Source:
Get a load of that bubbling pumpkin brew. Yum!

Which one are you planning to serve at your Halloween bash this year?

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