9 Exciting and Tasty Ways to Eat Hot Dogs This Independence Day ...


9 Exciting  and Tasty Ways to Eat Hot Dogs This Independence Day ...
9 Exciting  and Tasty Ways to Eat Hot Dogs This Independence Day ...

Gourmet hot dogs are having their moment and there are so many exciting and delicious ways to eat hot dogs. If you're tired of the same old ketchup and mustard, why not try one of these delicious ways to eat a hot dog? No matter what you choose, that dog on a bun will be on a whole new level. Check out these gourmet hot dog recipes and backyard barbecues will never be the same.

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Sonoran Dog

Recipe: epicurious.com


Bahn Mi Dog

Recipe: damndelicious.net


Chicago Dog

Recipe: allrecipes.com


Japanese Hot Dog

Recipe: cookingchanneltv.com


The Humm Dog

Recipe: foodrepublic.com


Denmark Dog

Recipe: thecopenhagentales.com


BLT Dogs

Recipe: delish.com


Korean Dogs

Recipe: foodandwine.com


Elote Dog

Recipe: spicesinmydna.com

I love hot dogs during summer, and sometimes in the winter too. What’s your favorite way to top a hot dog? Do you eat yours with a bun or without?

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A Cleveland Classic here is a beef hot dog or sausage topped with French fries tossed in BBQ sauce and topped with coleslaw...Cleveland Polish Boy


Chili cheese dogs with mustard and ketchup are the best!

Yes please

I have hot dogs most of these ways and they are delicious

I have a strong craving for hotdogs lately and all these pics made want to eat them so badly!

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