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9 Tips for Preparing Brunch for a Group of People This Holiday Season ...

By Heather

If you’re hosting a holiday party this year, try implementing some of these tips for preparing brunch for a group of people. Hosting a breakfast, brunch, lunch, or even dinner can pose a lot of stress during the holidays. If you’re not sure how to handle things, or just need some tips to help get you started, try these tips for preparing brunch for a group, or even for your family. With a little preparation and special tips below, you’ll be a pro at hosting your own brunch in no time!

1 Plan Early

Remember, first things first when learning tips for preparing brunch for a group this year. Don’t do anything before you plan, and plan well. Put your date on the calendar, and plan out the week before your brunch with the remainder of these tips. Don’t just wing it! Going to the store and cooking late at night after work will only add stress. Whatever you do, don’t do it all that morning of the brunch either.

2 Get Invitations Sent

One month prior to your brunch, or at least 2 weeks, be sure you send out your invitations. Snail mail is the most professional and elite, but if you’re going the trendy route, feel free to use the service Evite, which lets you send invitations online. Ask for RSVP so you’ll know how many to expect.

3 Get Menu Ideas

Next, get on Pinterest or look at your favorite magazines like Real Simple or Ladies Home Journal for brunch recipe ideas. If you use Pinterest, just search holiday brunch, or brunch in the search bar. You’ll have fun with this, but remember, to pick just 5 or 6 things and don’t go overboard. I know all that food looks great, but remember, you’ve got to prepare it, so plan smart and plan efficiently.

4 Prepare Your Shopping List

Next, make out your shopping list for that awesome menu you just picked. If things look too extensive or pricey by your list, get new recipes! This helps you figure out what you’ll spend and have to buy so you don’t get sticker shock at the store.

5 Make Namecards

Next, be sure you make some namecards, at least a week before. This will help your guests feel welcome, and at this point, you’ll have a good idea of who’s coming or not if you mailed or sent your invitations on time. Namecards add a touch of fancy, and you can find tons of ideas on Pinterest for easy ways to make them.

6 Make a Schedule

Now, make a schedule of at least 5 days before your brunch. Schedule in when you’ll cook, when you’ll decorate and how you’ll get it all done. Planning is key here!

7 Cook Ahead

If you can make anything the night before, the day before or even a few days before, do it! Some spreads can be made ahead, and many muffins or breads can be frozen and taste just as fresh in a few days so long as you thaw them the day before in the fridge. Here’s a secret from a girl who used to work in a professional bakery: most all grocery store bakeries freeze their items too!

8 Ask for Help

Don’t try to do this alone if you’re nervous. Ask your mom, best friend, or even your older daughter to help. They’ll more than likely love to and be honored that you asked! Get them to help with food prep, setting the table the day of, and decorating. If they’re nice, they’ll stay for clean-up!

9 Keep Things Simple

Lastly, remember, to keep things simple. Don’t try to prepare too much fancy food or beverages. Guests want it to taste good and probably won’t care if you spent 5 hours or 20 minutes on the recipe. Simple is best and quality is better than quantity. Remember that! Take the stress off and keep things simple.

I love brunch as a laid back meal that allows people to get together. Do you host brunches during the holiday season? If so, what’s your best tip?

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