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10 Mouthwatering Things to do with Your Leftover Easter Chocolate ...

By Rosalina

So, the Easter bunny has been and gone and left the family an abundance of chocolate that you don't know what you're going to do with, but there are some mouthwatering things to do with your leftover Easter chocolate that will mean you can enjoy it well before it passes its expiration date.We all know about the many health benefits of chocolate and obviously the higher the cocoa content the better. Studies suggest it can help reduce heart disease and stroke as well as preventing memory decline. I'm not one for eating my chocolate all in one go though and like to do different things with it. So whilst some of you may have been left lying there in a chocolate induced stupor, here are some ways to use your leftover Easter chocolate in the coming months.

1 Fruit

One of the most delicious things you can do with your leftover Easter chocolate is to dip some fruit in it for some healthy treats. I say 'healthy' in the loosest sense of the word of course. As with anything, moderation is key! Just put your broken up pieces of chocolate in a heat safe glass bowl over a pan of water and melt. Any fruit will do and I love strawberries and bananas but to supercharge your iron intake, enjoy some figs dipped in chocolate.

2 Pretzels

This is one of my many favorite things to do with leftover chocolate - chocolate covered pretzels. Whether it's white chocolate or milk chocolate covered pretzels, they're a great savoury sweet treat. Just melt the chocolate and put your pretzels in the bowl then lay them out on some baking parchment to cool then of, course enjoy!


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3 Cookies

I love making my own cookies and I can take complete control over the ingredients, making them as heathy or as indulgent as I want to. It's also something the little cherubs can get involved in too. How about making some delicious chocolate chunk cookies.

4 Popcorn

So, you have a movie night planned and you have that all important popcorn but there's something missing. How about drizzling some melted chocolate over your popcorn for a movie treat with a chocolate twist.

5 Oatmeal

Another idea for your leftover chocolate is to add it to your morning oatmeal. The morning is the best time to get that sweet treat out of the way as you have the rest of the day to use it up as energy. What better way to supercharge your oatmeal!

6 No Bake Cakes

Refrigerator cake is one of my all time favorites when it comes to chocolate and they're super easy to make. This no-bake cake is another perfect baking opportunity to get the little ones involved in. There are many recipes online. And you can also make rice crispy cakes and cornflake cakes by covering them in chocolate.

7 Chocolate Nut Butter

How about making your own delicious chocolate nut butter. Just melt your chocolate, blend 150 grams of unroasted almonds and blend together with a tea spoon of rapeseed oil. Try a table spoon of your homemade nut butter on slices of apples to increase your magnesium intake and help soothe PMS symptoms.

8 Fondue

You don't need a reason to have a fondue party. Melt down all that extra Easter chocolate and serve it with fruit, marshmallows, leftover Peeps, and anything else that strikes your fancy. This is a great way to use up some leftovers, but also gives you something to look forward to when the Easter festivities are done.

9 Ice Cream Sundae

Take your bowl of ice cream to a whole new level with some leftover Easter candy. Simply crush up all those chocolate eggs and bunnies and sprinkle them over a bowl of vanilla or cookie dough. Or melt it all down and drizzle it over your favorite flavor of ice cream. Yum!

10 Chocolate Mousse

Mousse isn't that hard to make, but it tastes really decadent and will impress just about anyone. Melt your Easter chocolate with heavy cream and marshmallows. Whip it until smooth and chill for a few hours. Serve for dessert at a dinner party or eat it just because you can.

So, these are just a few ways to use up that excess chocolate. What do you do with yours?

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