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Baking does not have to be difficult, so long as you have the right baking tools. As someone who loves to bake, I rely heavily on my baking utensils when creating tasty treats. To help ensure baking success, check out some of these must have baking tools for the modern baker.

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Stand Mixer

Perhaps one of the greatest baking tools ever created is the stand mixer. This thing is a multifunctional superstar that can mix, beat, whip, and knead baked goods within minutes. I love to use a stand mixer when making cookie and bread dough, cake batters, and frosting. Nevertheless, there is so much more that a stand mixer can do for the modern baker/cook, especially when it comes to the newer models that have attachments for making things like pasta and ice cream!


Hand Mixer

A close second to a stand mixer is a hand mixer. Even though a hand mixer is not able to carry out some of the functions of a stand mixer, such as kneading dough, it is still a great tool to have when you want to mix, beat, or whip up small batches of your favorite sweet treats.


Measuring Cups and Spoons

If you want to end up with a baked good that is worth the effort of making, then you must invest in some measuring cups and spoons. To say the least, these baking tools are the backbone of baking because without accurate measurements of your ingredients, the end product will likely be more of a disappointing flop than a successfully delicious treat.


Mixing Bowls

In addition to having tools for measuring out ingredients, you need something to put the ingredients in and this is where having mixing bowls of various sizes comes in handy. Usually, mixing bowls come in plastic, stainless steel, and glass. From experience, I recommend going with the stainless steel and glass options because plastic mixing bowls tend to stain and retain odor with frequent use.


Baking Pans

It is a known fact among bakers that the type of baking pan you use will directly affect the overall appearance and texture of the end product. Therefore, it is important to consider the quality and durability of a baking pan before you purchase one. Although there is a great variety of baking pans to choose from, some must have baking pans include a round cake pan, a standard loaf pan, an 8x8 brownie pan, a 9x13 cake pan, a muffin/cupcake pan and, off course, the cookie sheet.


Rolling Pin

A rolling pin is an essential baking tool to have when baking treats like rolled out cookies, pies, and pastries. Rolling pins comes in different sizes, shapes, and materials—wood or marble. The type of rolling pin you decide to go with is purely based on preference.


Pastry Board

Last but not least is the pastry board, a very handy baking tool when making baked goods that needs to be rolled out or kneaded. Like the rolling pin, pastry boards come in an array of shapes and sizes and are usually made of wood or marble. Again, whether you go with a wood or marble pastry board is based on preference, but from past experience, I find a marble board to be better choice for rolling out pie and pastry dough.

A baker’s kitchen is incomplete without an essential group of baking tools. Having the right baking tools allows for making your favorite baked goodies with ease and efficiency. Aside from the baking tools listed here, what are some of your must have baking tools?

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I would have to add silicone spatulas!

I'd include a kitchen scale

a measuring cup for liquid ingredients.

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