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10 Things to Use Instead of Bread with Your Sandwiches ...

By Eliza

True, your body does need some carbs for energy, but if you’re trying to cut back, that can be great for your health. Sadly, many carbs are refined, which means they are lower in nutrients that the whole variety, and they can cause your blood sugar to get all wacky. If you love sandwiches and could never envision life without them, there’s good news. There are some tasty alternatives to bread that allow you to eat your favorite food without all the carbs. You might just find that you like them even better than bread. Check it out!

1 How about Mini Sandwiches on Cucumber Slices?

How about Mini Sandwiches on Cucumber Slices? Cucumbers have such a pleasant crunch and taste and they contain good carbs. They make the perfect “bread” choice for ham and cheese or smoked salmon and cream cheese with dill. Packing cucumber sandwiches for lunch will make all of your co-workers jealous and will give you a filling and tasty lunch that helps you control your carb intake.

Jane sounds filling /delicious, thanks. ...

2 A Crisp Lettuce Leaf is Never a Bad Choice

A Crisp Lettuce Leaf is Never a Bad Choice One of my kids is gluten-free for health reasons and his favorite swap for bread is a big old lettuce leaf. You can fill it with tuna or chicken salad, layer it with turkey and cheese or try roast beef and horseradish. Basically, your favorite deli sandwich is going to taste great wrapped in a lettuce leaf. You might not even miss the bread!

3 Try Tomato Halves in Place of the Bread

Try Tomato Halves in Place of the Bread Think about it like this. You put tomato on many kinds of sandwiches, so why not make it the “bread” instead of the filling. Cut a tomato in half and pull out of the inside, creating a small hole. Fill your tomato with a grilled burger, a fish patty or turkey and cheese. The tomato is filling and delicious without all the carbs you’re trying to avoid. Perfect!

4 Bell Pepper Halves Are the Perfect Size to Replace the Bread

Bell Pepper Halves Are the Perfect Size to Replace the Bread Bell pepper halves are the perfect size to look like a slice of bread. Simply cut the pepper in half and remove the seeds. Then pile it with your favorite sandwich fillings. You can even spread the halves with mayo and mustard first. Raw peppers work way better than cooked because they’ll hold up better. Red, green, orange and yellow are all wonderful choices.

5 Portobello Mushrooms Make for a Hearty Sandwich

Portobello Mushrooms Make for a Hearty Sandwich If you want something meatier and with a bit more substance, grilled Portobello mushrooms are the obvious choice. They are great for a grilled cheese or a patty melt because the cheese will melt on the hot mushroom, creating the ooey gooey sandwich you’re craving. You’ll also love them stuffed with grilled chicken, mozzarella and basil leaves. Tasty!

6 Ever Thought about Using a Baked Potato?

Ever Thought about Using a Baked Potato? Potatoes might not be better than other veggies, but the carbs you get from one are still way better than white bread. Potatoes have a mild taste that makes them ideal for cutting open and filling with a grilled hot dog or sliced roast beef and au jus sauce. Plus, you get some fiber and potassium too.

7 Try Making Cauliflower Bread

Try Making Cauliflower Bread Because many people are trying to be more conscious of their carb intake, health experts are always developing helpful ways to make it happen. Whipping up some cauliflower bread is a great idea. You can use it for just about anything you’d normally use bread for. I’ve heard it makes a mean grilled cheese sandwich. Here’s a great recipe: Let me know how it turns out!

8 Use a Tomato and Stuff It

food, dish, produce, land plant, meal, Just like the stuffed bell peppers, you can stuff a tomato with tuna for a no bread lunch option. Or even slice a tomato in half and build your sandwich between it like you would the bread. Either way you're taking in the tomatoes and losing the bread so it's a win-win however you choose!

9 Try Some Oopsie Bread

food, dish, baked goods, dessert, produce, While still considered a bread, Oopsie bread is easy to make and flourless. Great for low carb dieters and even diabetics, oopsie bread is made with eggs and cream cheese so it's pretty simple to make. Try this recipe and see how it goes.

10 Make "bread" out of Cauliflower

food, dish, breakfast, produce, meal, Theres a super simple and (from what I hear) super delish recipe for grated cauliflower baked almost into it's own "bread" product if you will. The recipe is and though I haven't tried it I do enjoy the buffalo "chicken" cauliflower so hopefully this one is good as well!

How do you cut carbs? What’s your favorite bread replacement?

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