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The Best Sushi for Your Zodiac Sign ...

By Melly

Have you noticed that sushi is a hot food trend that doesn’t seem to be losing steam any time soon? There’s a simple reason for that, and it’s the fact that it continues to be both delicious and healthy, one of the rare popular snacks and meals that actually are! When you go to a sushi restaurant, it can sometimes be quite overwhelming to look at the wide array of options there are to sample. From fish to veggie to meat and everything in between, how can you possibly come to a decision about which plates to pick? Here is the best sushi for your zodiac sign.

1 Aries

dish, food, cuisine, appetizer, seafood,Nigiri

You are no-nonsense in all areas of your life, preferring classic quality over crazy new trends, Raw fish and rice hit the spot, so Nigiri makes perfect sense!

2 Taurus

gimbap, cuisine, food, dish, sushi,California Roll

You are the kind of person who likes to be involved in things even when they aren’t specifically what you like to do, so a sushi roll that doesn’t actually have any fish in it is the perfect representation!

3 Gemini

vegetable, dish, vegetarian food, recipe, food,Chicken Tempura Roll

You like the best of both worlds in pretty much all areas of life, so some delicious chicken mixed with the basics of traditional sushi is what suits you best.

4 Cancer

gimbap, cuisine, dish, sushi, japanese cuisine,Rainbow Roll

You can go through all of the different emotions in the course of a short day, so you need a sushi roll that seems to echo that wide spectrum!

5 Leo

cuisine, food, dish, sushi, japanese cuisine,Spider Maki

Nothing can get in your way, you are the most confident of the bunch, so the prospect of a super large sushi roll like this doesn’t phase you at all!

6 Virgo

appetizer, cuisine, dish, food, sushi,Spicy Tuna Roll

You don’t do anything boring in your life, everything has to have the little level of excitement behind it. If your food isn’t spicy, then you’re not interested!

7 Libra

dish, cuisine, gimbap, food, sushi,Salmon Avocado Roll

Like a true Libra, you are always trying to take care of your health, so a salmon avocado roll is the perfect kind of sushi for you; two superfoods coming together to create something healthy and delicious.

8 Scorpio

cuisine, food, dish, gimbap, sushi,Eel Roll

You aren’t afraid to push boundaries and try things out of the norm, so an eel roll is definitely the one for you. It’s much more exotic than tuna or salmon!

9 Sagittarius

gimbap, cuisine, dish, sushi, food,Yellowtail Roll

You deliberately like to choose paths in life that not everyone likes to go down, so a more unusual choice like a yellowtail roll describes you perfectly.

10 Capricorn

gimbap, food, cuisine, dish, sushi,Vegetable Roll

You are responsible and healthy conscious, and you also possess a no-frills attitude to life. A vegetable roll is more than enough for you!

11 Aquarius

dish, rice, cuisine, steamed rice, white rice,Sushi Burger

For an Aquarius, it’s pretty much go big or go home! You only want the biggest and the best, so it has to the sushi burger!

12 Pisces

cuisine, gimbap, food, sushi, japanese cuisine,You like to sample a little of everything in life, so the varied textures and flavours of the Philadelphia roll are perfect.

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