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Want to be a goddess in the kitchen? Save time, money and effort with this list of truly great and easy to do tricks and tips:

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How to Tell the Freshness of Your Eggs

font,line art,line,drawing,shape, Follow the chart


Peel an Orange the Easy Way

dish,food,plant,produce,land plant, Why did nobody ever tell you this before?


Perfect Portions

dish,food,meal,plant,produce, There are all sorts of things you can freeze in ice cube trays and when you’re ready just thaw out the portions you want. Do it with sauces, stock, purees, pesto, buttermilk …


Grate Butter

food,dish,dairy product,coconut,dessert, Freeze your stick of butter then grate it for using in scones, biscuits, muffins and anything you “rub in”.


No More Bent Spoons

cash,glass,money,Found,method, Store your ice cream tubs in bags. Remove as much air as you can before sealing the bag.


What’s the Best Way to Pick up Bits of Egg Shell?

yellow,wheel,lighting,food,hapa-, Use one of the shell halves to scoop it out.


The Easiest Way to Crush a Garlic Clove

food,produce,vegetable,plant,land plant, Is the Jamie Oliver way. Put the unpeeled clove in a garlic crusher and press. The skin remains behind!


Preserve Herbs

food,dish,produce,plant,vegetable, Freeze your fresh herbs in olive oil.


Get More Juice

plant,produce,food,fruit,land plant, Get more juice from your citrus fruit by pressing and rolling them before squeezing.


Froth Your Own Milk

food,breakfast,dairy product,drink,meal, Do you go to Starbucks because you can’t make a frothy cappuccino or latte at home? Kick coffee shop coffee to the curb and make your own at home. All you need is milk, a screw top jar and a microwave. Instructions here.


How to Pit Cherries

bottle,wine bottle,drinkware,product,glass bottle, How cool is this?


Stop Your Chopping Board Slipping

human positions,floor,leg,wood,flooring, Put a damp towel under your board.


It Makes More Sense

food,produce,plant,vegetable,land plant, To slice your avocado with the skin on. It means you don’t have to deal with slippery avocado.


Stop Pans Boiling over

food,drink, A wooden utensil over a boiling pot ensures that it will not boil over.


Did You Know You Could do This?

food,dish,produce,dessert,icing, Next time you need to shred chicken, make it easy on yourself.


Crispy Tacos Every Time

piano,close up,string instrument,food,wood, And they’ll always be a great shape too.


The Best Way to Chill Wine

drink,alcoholic beverage,liqueur,non alcoholic beverage,cocktail, Frozen grapes are fabulous to drop in glasses of wine. And why not try frozen strawberries or raspberries and blueberries too.


Preserve Your Lettuce

product,petal,textile,art,material, Store your lettuce in the fridge with kitchen paper. You can store it in a bag or a bowl. The kitchen paper absorbs the moisture which makes lettuce soggy and causes it to rot. It works for fresh herbs too.


Boil Your Water First

glass bottle,glass,games, If you don’t want cloudy ice cubes – use boiled water. The water will also freeze faster.


Wait ‘til You See What You Can do with Dental Floss

floor,play,table,wood,hand, You can use dental floss to cut soft food like cheese and cakes. Remember to use unflavored floss though.


Keep Your Bananas for Longer

banana family,food,banana,fruit,produce, Plastic wrap around the end of a hand of bananas will delay the oxidization process.


Peel Ginger with a Spoon

food,produce,hand,vegetable,sense, It’s so much easier than using a knife or peeler.


Use an Old Ketchup Bottle

Heinz,product,hand,HEINZ,TOMATO, You can not only measure out your batter easier for pancakes but you can make a batch of batter and keep it in the bottle in the fridge for a couple of days.


Before You Chop Chiles

food,produce,vegetable,dish,land plant, Wash your hands. It will provide a barrier between your skin and capsaicin. Careful though , because it will make the knife slippery.


How to Rescue Burnt Rice

food,dish,dessert,produce,land plant, Remove pan from the heat and place a piece of white bread on top of it for about ten minutes. This will extract and absorb the burnt flavor. The rice should be fine to eat, but leave the blackened pieces on the bottom of the pan.


Marshmallows Keep Brown Sugar Moist

food,dessert,breakfast,snack food,coconut, But it will only work if you use an airtight container.


Keep Cups Slippy

food,produce,baking,bestbites,-com, Spray your measuring cups with oil (or wipe round some oil on kitchen towel) when measuring out sticky liquids such as syrup, treacle and honey. Make sure it is a flavorless oil.


Microwave Two Meals at the Same Time

room,shape, Why should one bowl of food get cold while the other heats?


Make Cleaning the Microwave a Breeze

microwave oven,kitchen appliance,product,home appliance,SPYRifax, Microwave a jug or bowl of water on high for 5 minutes. The steam created will loosen any stuck food particles. Some people swear by putting lemon juice or vinegar in the water.


Keep Your Chips Fresh

Lays,food,product,convenience food,junk food, Now you have no excuse to eat the whole bag of chips in one session.


Need Thinly Sliced Onions?

food,flower,land plant,produce,hand, Use a potato peeler.


Keep Your Herbs in Place when Chopping

food,plant,vegetable,produce,land plant, Some salt on the board will prevent your herbs flying about.


Need to Soften Butter Straight from the Fridge?

food,dish,plant,produce,fruit, Ready to get baking but your recipe calls for soft or room temperature butter? Cut a stick straight from fridge into slices.

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Wow! After 60 years or so of cooking,some are new to me !

Smart tips for smart people

Thanks very helpful should be using some of these

To keep bundt cakes moist under the cake plate, place a whole red delicious apple in the hole. I promise it works! Also, if you over salt soup, place a whole, peeled Irish potato in the pot. Wait 10 minutes and remove. It will absorb most of the salt.

Thanks for the list. All of these tips are amazing! Here's my quick cheat: when I need to soften brown sugar, I place a slice of white bread in an air tight container instead of marshmallows. I think bread may be easier to access in place of marshmallows, well, assuming you aren't gluten free.

i do some of these and they are helpful

The microwave one is super helpful!

14 never works

First, be very careful warming the milk in a closed glass jar. I read where the glasses sometimes exploded. Hack- Put a slice of bread in a container of hard cookies and they will soften up.

Love it.

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