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20 Oyster Recipes That Will Make Your Mouth Water ...

By Eliza

Maybe oysters aren't something you think to prepare often. I know I don't. But that's all about to change once you see the tantalizing recipes on this list. Oysters aren't always super cheap, but you can find them fresh at fish markets and some grocery stores. If you want a decadent and gourmet meal to serve yourself or your friends and family, oysters have got to be on the top of your list.

1 Oysters Rockefeller

Oysters RockefellerSource: A Quick and Sexy Appetizer: ...
This classic version of oysters is one that you can never go wrong with.

2 Baked Oysters

Baked OystersSource: Oyster Recipe: Baked Oysters
This makes my mouth water. The ingredients come together to create something really wonderful.


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3 Grilled Oysters with Herb Butter

Grilled Oysters with Herb ButterSource: How and Why to Cook ...
These succulent oysters are going to blow your mind!

4 Oyster Stew

Oyster StewSource: Oyster Stew Recipe - Cooking ...
This is the perfect recipe for a cold winter night! Serve it with bread and a salad and you're good to go.

5 Topped with Crackers

Topped with CrackersSource: Check out what I found ...
Oyster soup of any kind is better when you top it with some crackers.

6 Apalachicola Oysters

Apalachicola OystersSource:
This is one of the simplest oyster recipes you'll ever find.

7 With Parmesan, Mayo and Smoked Paprika

With Parmesan, Mayo and Smoked PaprikaSource: Start the Party with Grilled ...
This mixture tastes really good and will leave you wanting more every time.

8 Popcorn Oysters

Popcorn OystersSource: ~'Popcorn' Oysters! Top Chef Recap ...
These fried oysters taste heavenly in drawn butter. Ranch dressing goes really well with them too.

9 Southern Oyster Dressing

Southern Oyster DressingSource: I Believe I Can Fry: ...
This goes great with chicken or fish, so it doesn't have to be Thanksgiving to enjoy it.

10 Crispy Oven Fried Oysters

Crispy Oven Fried OystersSource: Crispy Oven-Fried Oysters
This makes the perfect appetizer for any party.

11 Broiled Oysters

Broiled OystersSource: Savory and Decadent Broiled Oyster ...
Don't you just want to slurp this right up? They look good, don't they?

12 Chili, Lime and Gin Marinated Oysters

Chili, Lime and Gin Marinated OystersSource: Chilli, Lime and Gin Marinated ...
These have just the right amount of tangy flavor and spice.

13 Montauk Scallop and Oyster Pan Roast

Montauk Scallop and Oyster Pan RoastSource: Montauk Scallop and Oyster Pan ...
You will not believe how wonderful this dish is. Serve it to anyone you want to impress.

14 Vodka Oyster Shots

Vodka Oyster ShotsSource: : LUNDLUND : : : ...
Follow your oysters with the shot and you'll have a taste explosion you'll want all the time.

15 Garlic Herb Butter

Garlic Herb ButterSource: South's Best Oyster Recipes
Garlic herb butter is the most perfect complement to oysters that you'll ever find.

16 Topped with Herbs

Topped with HerbsSource: Savory and Decadent Broiled Oyster ...
Freshly chopped herbs work great on oysters. Parsley is a particular favorite.

17 Served in the Shell

Served in the ShellSource: Fried Oysters with Spicy Rémoulade ...
Even if you take the oysters out to cook them, you can put them back in for a great presentation when you serve them.

18 Topped with Spice

Topped with SpiceSource: Oyster Recipe: Baked Oysters
A dash of spice is a great way to top your oysters.

19 Scalloped Oysters

Scalloped OystersSource: Scalloped Oysters | SAVEUR
This makes a great main dish. A salad perfectly rounds out the meal.

20 Spinach and Smoked Oyster Spaghetti

Spinach and Smoked Oyster SpaghettiSource: Spinach and Smoked Oyster Spaghetti ...
Oysters pair really well with pasta. Try this and you'll see what I mean.

Do you like to eat oysters? I guarantee if you try them, you are going to love them! Do you have any other ideas for cooking them?

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