Top 10 Foods to Make You Happy ...


Top 10 Foods to Make You Happy ...
Top 10 Foods to Make You Happy ...

The notion of food being related to emotions isn’t something that is groundbreaking news, but it would be fair to say that when you think about food making you happy, you usually think about things like chocolate, ice cream, and other classically naughty and unhealthy foods! Happiness and food don’t always go together when you are on a diet, but there are definitely things that you can add to make your calorie cutting and nutrition boosting more of a pleasant experience. Here are ten foods to make you happy whilst also being healthy!

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Dried Figs

Dried figs contain a surprisingly high level of calcium which can help to regulate your mood. Low calcium in the body has been identified as a cause in things like PMS.



If you add a handful of spinach to each salad you have, then you are giving your body more folate, which in turn helps to support the regulation of serotonin.


Edamame Beans

You can buy these shelled and frozen, ready to throw into an Asian dish or just have as a snack on their own. They are chock full of iron which helps to combat depression and fatigue.



Almonds can help you to feel less irritable all the time thanks to their super high magnesium levels. They make for a great mood altering snack on the go.


Omega 3 Rich Foods

This is a type of healthy fatty acid that can be found in things like salmon, spinach, broccoli, and chia seeds, and it can really help with things like mood swings, memory issues, and fatigue.

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The chickpeas that make up the base of hummus contain lots of Vitamin B6, which can help to regulate and enhance your overall brain function.



Yay, chocolate can finally be said to be good for you! Dark chocolate in particular can stimulate the production of endorphins in the body, which are the hormones that make you feel good.



Bananas contain something called tryptophan, which can be really helpful in elevating and regulating your mood.


Vitamin D Foods

Sure, there a lots of foods like bananas and types of fish that contain Vitamin D, but you know what also contains Vitamin D? The sun! It’s the perfect excuse to book a vacation and get away to paradise.


Your Favourite Food

If you have been eating all this healthy feel-good food, then you are allowed to indulge a little bit too. After all, nothing can make you feel better quite like tucking in to a plate of your very favourite comfort dish!

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