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33 Scrumptious Pasta Dishes You'll Never Want to Stop Eating ...

By Eliza

If you're like me, you are always on the hunt for new and delicious pasta dishes. Don't you just get tired of eating the same old spaghetti and meatballs all the time? I know I do. Luckily, I am here to inspire your culinary daring and get you to try something new. Check out these absolutely mouthwatering pasta dishes and you'll be ready for a yummy meal in no time.

1 With Beef

With BeefVia Disney-Inspired Recipes |
One of the easiest ingredients for pasta dishes is ground beef. Spice it up and add some cheese and you're all set.

2 Summer Pasta Salad

Summer Pasta SaladVia Barefeet In The Kitchen: Creamy ...
You don't have to eat noodles hot. You can eat them cold with diced veggies for a tasty salad.


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3 Creamy Avocado Pasta

Creamy Avocado PastaVia
Use avocado to add color and flavor to your noodles.

4 Sausage Pasta

Sausage PastaVia little bits: Sausage Pasta Skillet ...
That sliced sausage looks so yummy! I just want to gobble it up.

5 Fresh Basil

Fresh BasilVia
When you make a tomato sauce, you can't go wrong by topping it off with fresh basil.

6 Chicken Caesar Pasta

Chicken Caesar PastaVia Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad - ...
Throw some cooked pasta into your Caesar salad for a filling meal you'll love.

7 Creamy Spinach Tomato Tortellini

Creamy Spinach Tomato TortelliniVia Creamy Spinach Tomato Tortellini - ...
Creamy tomato sauce is my favorite and spinach blends in just right.

8 Stuffed Shells

Stuffed ShellsVia Chicken and Spinach Stuffed Shells ...
Stuffed shells are super easy to make and taste so wonderful too.

9 Crispy Topping

Crispy ToppingVia Spinach Artichoke Pasta
The toasted breadcrumbs add lots of flavor and a pleasing texture at the same time.

10 Pasta Bake

Pasta BakeVia Chicken Cordon Bleu Pasta Bake ...
What could be easier than mixing it all together in a baking dish and cooking it in the oven?

11 Cheesy Topping

Cheesy ToppingVia KitchMe
A dash of melted cheese is the perfect way to top pasta.

12 Chicken Broccoli Shells

Chicken Broccoli ShellsVia Chicken-Broccoli Shells and Cheese Recipe ...
The tiny shells are the perfect little pockets for holding the sauce.

13 Rigatoni Noodles

Rigatoni NoodlesVia Spicy Chicken Rigatoni Recipe - ...
Kids love fun shaped pasta and this rigatoni fits the bill just right.

14 Shrimp Linguine

Shrimp LinguineVia Closet Cooking: Shrimp Linguine in ...
Pasta only gets better when you add shrimp to it.

15 Shrimp Scampi

Shrimp ScampiVia KitchMe
Shrimp scampi is one of my very favorite things to order when I go out to eat.

16 Baked Ziti

Baked ZitiVia One Pot Baked Ziti - ...
You can easily make this yummy meal at home in one pot.

17 Chicken Alfredo

Chicken AlfredoVia One Pan Chicken Alfredo - ...
Chicken Alfredo is a crowd pleaser so make it next time you have a party.

18 Perfect Comfort Food

Perfect Comfort FoodVia Creamy Garlic Pasta Recipe
What could be better after a long, hard day than a bowl filled with noodles?

19 Cheesy Shells

Cheesy ShellsVia Baked Pasta
This is making my mouth water. What about you?

20 Sun Dried Tomato and Mushroom Pasta

Sun Dried Tomato and Mushroom PastaVia Recipes to try
Go gourmet with fancy ingredients like sun dried tomatoes.

21 Parsley Topper

Parsley TopperVia Oishi Chef
Sprinkling parsley on your pasta gives it color and flavor.

22 Twirly Noodles

Twirly NoodlesVia
Your kids are going to love this! I promise!

23 Ravioli Salad

Ravioli SaladVia Pesto Pasta Salad with Roasted ...
You don't see ravioli in salad often, but what a fabulous idea.

24 Add Grilled Chicken

Add Grilled ChickenVia Chicken Bacon Pasta | Plain ...
To really pump up your pasta, add a pile of sliced grilled chicken breast.

25 Veggie Puree

Veggie PureeVia
Purée veggies to make a colorful and delicious sauce that is way different from your average tomato sauce.

26 Andouille Sausage

Andouille SausageVia One Pot Andouille Sausage Skillet ...
This looks like a tasty meal to serve when you have guests over.

27 Seared Scallops

Seared ScallopsVia Easy, Peasy, and Lemon Squeezy: ...
It sort of looks like something you'd get in a restaurant. And you can make it at home!

28 Caprese Pasta Salad

Caprese Pasta SaladVia Caprese Pasta Salad - Chew ...
You'll be the most popular person at the party when you bring this with you.

29 Parmesan Cheese

Parmesan CheeseVia Cacio e Pepe - Table ...
That shaky Parmesan cheese in the cans is the perfect way to round out your pasta.

30 Creamy Sauce

Creamy SauceVia Creamy mushroom pasta with caramelized ...
A creamy sauce is just as good as tomato sauce.

31 Brussels Sprouts

Brussels SproutsVia Pesto Pasta W/ Chicken Sausage ...
Brussels sprouts have so much flavor. I love them roasted.

32 Baked Tortellini Casserole

Baked Tortellini CasseroleVia Cheesy Baked Tortellini Casserole - ...
Tortellini tastes wonderful baked with tomatoes and cheese.

33 Lots of Mushrooms

Lots of MushroomsVia Sun dried tomato and mushroom ...
Mushrooms have a mild flavor that pairs really well with pasta.

Do you eat a lot of pasta? It's a great choice in terms of nutrition and affordability. Whole wheat pasta is even better. Which one looks like your new favorite?

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