8 Best Snacks to Serve with Wine ...


Pairing food with drinks can be a lot of fun for your next party or date night in, and there are a lot of amazing snacks to serve with wine!

So suds up those wine glasses and snack trays!

Grab your favorite bottle.

Then, uncork it and serve a tasty spread with some of the best snacks to serve with wine.

1. Chocolate


Chocolate is one of the sweetest snacks to serve with wine!

Plain dark chocolate is amazing with either white or red wine, and richer truffle varieties are great with drier wines.

If you're really in for a sweet pairing, match a chilled Moscato wine with your favorite chocolate treat.

Cookies, candy or even brownies are divine!

2. Berries


Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries are all amazing with wine.

Pick your favorite type of berry to serve, or try a mixture.

They also work well when frozen a bit and dropped directly into your wine glass.

(Pretty and tasty!) Lastly, berries make any spread brighter when displayed in your favorite little bowls β€” perfect to add to your spread!

3. Italian Fare

Italian Fare

We can't talk wine and food pairings without mentioning Italian food!

Though pizza and pasta are the typical, branch out a bit!

Experiment with unique snacks.

Try a salami and mozzarella spread β€” or bread dipped in an oregano and basil dried spice blend.

Also don't forget the all-time favorite: caprese salad!2

4. Cheese


Wine and cheese are another all-time classic pairing!

Cube your favorite cheeses with toothpicks for a great snack with wine.

Check out the fine cheeses section at your grocery store.

Experiment with different textures and flavors, and discover which you like best with different types of wine.

Be sure to serve with some crackers or veggies as well, since cheese itself can be addictive!

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