7 Hot and Cozy Beverages to Warm up to This Year That Won't Hurt Your Waistline One Little Bit ...


Every fall and winter, finding new cozy beverage recipes becomes sort of an addiction for me. I just can’t seem to quit finding new favorites to enjoy. Last year, I was obsessed with the Starbucks skinny lattes and learned how to make my own at home. Before that, it was green tea lattes and recently, skinny hot cocoa. The possibilities are endless with cozy beverage recipes, but unless you have a few tricks up your sleeve, it can be hard to enjoy these drinks in a healthy way. Try my favorite 7 cozy beverage recipes to make right now. They’re warm and creamy, and oh so satisfying!

1. Skinny Hot Cocoa

Skinny Hot Cocoa

Let’s start with a super simple, skinny cozy beverage recipe, shall we? Skinny hot cocoa is so easy, and a true favorite of mine. This recipe is my very own, so I hope you enjoy it. I drink this sometimes in replacement to tea if I’m craving chocolate, but don't feel like eating a chocolate bar. It’s perfect to enjoy as the weather starts cooling down.

Serves: 1


2 cups filtered water

2 tbsp. raw cacao powder

1 tsp. raw maca powder (acts like a natural creamer and energizer)

1/4 tsp. organic pure stevia extract (or 2 full drops of the liquid variety)

tiny sprinkle of organic cinnamon if you like

splash of your favorite almond milk- I used Silk unsweetened vanilla, my top choice (or opt for homemade)


Boil the water on the stove in a pot or run the water through your coffee maker to heat it up. Pour the water into a tall mug. Stir in the raw cacao powder and maca first. Stir very well with a spoon so it doesn't seep to the bottom. Whisk it with your spoon for a good 20 seconds and then add the rest of the ingredients. Let it sit for a minute since it may be a little hot and then enjoy!

Source: soulfulspoon.com

Skinny Peppermint Mocha
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