Unlock 🔓 Starbucks ☕️ Secret Menu 🙊 for Girls Who Love Their Frapps 🥛 ...


As if Starbucks doesn't tempt us enough with their regular menu items, it's only natural that as soon as I got wind of the super secret menu thanks to elitedaily.com that I'm spilling the beans (Not literally because that's a coffee crime). I am ready to share it with you so dive into this list of nine epic Starbucks secret menu drinks that you need to try.

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1. Start off Your First round with the Caramel and Coconut Frappuccino

This is a Mocha Frappuccino with toasted coconut syrup and caramel syrup (aka heaven).

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Channel Your Favorite Carnival Food with the Churro Frappuccino
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