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40 Recipes for Japanese Food to Make at Home ...

By Neecey

Japanese food is fascinating but most of us are pretty daunted by it. There is also far more to Japanese food than raw fish and sushi. Japanese cuisine relies on fresh and simple ingredients that are exquisitely prepared. These ingredients are becoming so much easier to source so these Japanese recipes are very accessible to make at home.

1 Gyudon Beef Bowl

food,dish,cuisine,noodle soup,soup,Via Just One Cookbook ® | ...
I love Japanese recipes that result in comforting bowls of deliciousness.

2 Karaage

food,dish,dessert,fried food,produce,Via Japanese Fried Chicken
Crispy and crunchy fried chicken. Be sure to make a yummy dipping sauce.

3 Chicken Yakitori

shashlik,food,grilled food,dish,skewer,Via I Believe I Can Fry: ...
Yakitori is a simple and delicious Japanese street food.

4 Takoyaki

food,dish,cuisine,produce,fried food,Via Just One Cookbook ® | ...
Minced or chopped octopus balls usually served with tempura scraps, pickled ginger and green onions.


dish,food,cuisine,breakfast,produce,Via Hiroshima Okonomiyaki 広島風お好み焼き | Japanese ...
Okonomiyaki is a savory pancake. There are regional variations. This is from Hiroshima.

6 Japanese Sesame Spinach

food,produce,vegetable,dish,leaf vegetable,Via Japanese sesame spinach | Scaling ...
A really simple veggie side dish.

7 Korokke

dish,food,fried food,arancini,fish,Via Korokke (Japanese Potato Croquette)
Japanese potato croquette. Sometimes they have a filling.

8 Dorayaki

food,dish,dessert,meal,breakfast,Via Dorayaki recipe | Easy Japanese ...
A red bean pancake - two patties around a filling of red bean paste.

9 15-Minute Soba Noodle Soup

dish,food,cuisine,asian food,fish,Via 15-Minute Soba Noodle Soup
Simple broths and soups are a mainstay of Japanese food.

10 Somen Miso Noodle Soup

food,dish,cuisine,spaghetti,noodle,Via Somen (Nyumen) Miso Soup, Ready ...
Japanese soups can be made from a few convenient ingredients in a matter of minutes.

11 Miso-Marinated Sea Bass

food,dish,dessert,produce,cuisine,Via Miso-Marinated Sea Bass Recipe
Miso is a major seasoning, made from fermented soya beans.

12 Tamagoyaki

food,dish,citrus,plant,produce,Via Tamagoyaki | Japanese Omelette Recipe ...
The rolled omelet is usually made in a rectangular pan.

13 Shiitake Mushroom and Tofu Soup

food,dish,cuisine,asian food,produce,Via 15 best Japanese recipes
Japanese food has brilliant vegan and vegetarian options.

14 Pocky Sticks

food,dessert,close up,chocolate,cake,Via Pocky Sticks - SweetAsHoney NZ
I've only ever known these as Mikado.

AbbleGabbleGlorian how do i make them >:(...

15 Japanese Ramen Eggs

food,dish,breakfast,meal,produce,Via Japanese Ramen Eggs
Soy sauce-seasoned eggs with gooey, soft, almost runny yolk.

16 Marinated Japanese Mushrooms

food,dish,cuisine,chow mein,meat,Via Marinated Japanese Mushrooms Recipe
Use your favorite Oriental mushrooms for this yummy dish.

17 Japanese Potato Salad

food,dish,produce,cuisine,vegetable,Via Japanese Potato Salad recipe | ...
You might be surprised by some of the ingredients in this recipe.

18 Beef Sukiyaki

food,dish,cuisine,noodle,asian food,Via Recipe: Tokyo-style beef sukiyaki
Generally sukiyaki is a winter dish and it is commonly found at bōnenkai, Japanese year-end parties.

19 Japanese Matcha-Goma Mousse Cake

food,dessert,flower,produce,AWA,Via Green Tea-Black Sesame Mousse Cake
It looks incredible. Tea is significant in Japanese culture and in the West we’re still catching on to the amazing benefits of Matcha green tea.

20 Mochi Pralines

food,dessert,produce,cuisine,asian food,Via Mochi Pralines - Wagashi Maniac
Mochi is actually a rice cake but sweets are made with rice flour.

21 Yaki Udon

food,dish,cuisine,chow mein,produce,Via Yaki Udon recipe . Kitchen ...
A Japanese noodle stir-fry dish which can be prepared very quickly, which makes it perfect for a weeknight dinner.

22 Salmon Teriyaki

food,dish,meat,produce,cuisine,Via Salmon Teriyaki
My favorite way to eat salmon.

23 Tonkatsu

food,dish,cuisine,asian food,meat,Via Tonkatsu (Japanese Pork Cutlet) - ...
Make these delicious pork cutlets in less than 20 minutes.

24 Japanese Cheesecake

food,dessert,dish,cheesecake,cuisine,Via Japanese Cheesecake | Dessert Recipe ...
Such a light springy cake.

25 Nasu Dengaku

Miso-glazed eggplant.

26 Grilled Onigiri

food,dish,fried food,dessert,arancini,Via Nipponia nippon
A simple way to upgrade a basic rice ball.

27 Japanese Curry Rice

food,dish,curry,produce,vegetable,Via Japanese Curry Rice Recipe | ...
You'll love the difference between this and curries from other cuisines.

28 Oyakodon

food,dish,cuisine,breakfast,meal,Via Happy Home Baking: mother and ...
Oyakodon is a type of donburi - a Japanese rice bowl dish.

29 Japanese Curry Bun

food,dish,baked goods,dessert,grass family,Via 季節限定夏野菜のスペシャルメニューが登場!【ドラマチックエリア市原(上り線)】 7 ベーカリー カレーパン 館山自動車道「ドラマチックエリア市原(上り線)」 -クリッカー)
A popular snack worth the effort to make.

30 Shoyu Tamago

food,dish,dessert,produce,breakfast,Via Soy Sauce Eggs (Shoyu Tamago)
Eggs that are hard boiled, peeled and then cooked in heated soy sauce.

31 Gyoza

food,dish,egg roll,cuisine,taquito,Via Meal Planning 101: Gyoza (Japanese ...
Scrumptious Japanese pot stickers.

32 Strawberry Daifuku

food,plant,fruit,produce,dish,Via Ichigo Daifuku (Strawberry Mochi) | ...
Gloriously delicious mochi cakes.

33 Sukiyaki-don

Soy braised beef over rice.

34 Shoyu Ramen

food,dish,noodle,cuisine,soup,Via Best Soup & Stew Recipes
A delish dish to share with the whole family.

Tuashima this looks so tasty ...

35 Melonpan

food,dish,dessert,baked goods,cuisine,Via Easy Melon (pan) Bread - ...
These are made from an enriched dough covered in a thin layer of crisp cookie dough.

36 Japanese Quinoa Salad

food,dish,produce,cuisine,vegetable,Via Japanese Quinoa Salad Recipe | ...
Quick gluten free salad with edamame, cucumbers, scallions and ginger soy and sesame dressing

37 Daigaku Imo

food,dish,produce,plant,dessert,Via Daigaku Imo Recipe (Honey Glazed ...
Honey glazed sweet potatoes. This is my next new side dish to try.

38 Teriyaki Tsukune

dish,food,meat,produce,meatball,Via How to make Tsukune, Yakitori ...
Japanese chicken meatballs. My mouth is watering!

39 Omurice

food,dish,meal,breakfast,plant,Via Omurice - omelet fried rice ...
Omurice is so easy to make and great for using up all the leftovers in your fridge!

batman this is super good...

40 Kuri Wagashi

food,dessert,chocolate truffle,dish,chocolate,Via Autumn Wagashi with Chestnuts - ...
Made using chocolate, red bean paste (koshi an) and crème de marrons.

Are you enticed by these Japanese recipes? I'm definitely going to venture more into Japanese cooking. How about you?

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