9 Foods to Eat when You Want to Gain Healthy Weight ...


Having too low a weight can cause health problems just as being overweight can. It can be hard to put on weight if you have a naturally fast metabolism or are a very active person. You can gain weight by eating burger and fries every day but your body won’t thank you. Put good nutrient-dense foods on your menu and you’ll gain healthy weight.

1. Lean Red Meat

Lean Red Meat

One of the best foods for healthy weight gain is lean red meat. Something like beef steak is great to have as part of your weight gain diet, but you have to be mindful that not all cuts as are fatty as one another. The main benefits of incorporating lean red meat in to your regime are the fantastic quantities of protein and iron that it boasts. Go for a nice rib eye or T-bone.

Nut Butter
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