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The term superfood is being bandied about more and more regularly these days. We either hear of new ones or science discovers new powers of regular foods. So what are the predictions for 2017? What are the superfoods that are going to be all over Instagram and Pinterest boards next year?

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Brussels Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts Believe it or not, one of the top superfoods for 2017 is going to be Brussels sprouts. Some people love them, some people hate them, and they are usually only popular around Christmas time, but in the year to come you can expect to see the green spheres making a big comeback with their rich vitamin and folic acid content. Try them roasted or stir-fried for a change.



Lucuma Lucuma is a mega healthy fruit that hails from Peru and was once the main staple of an Inca warrior’s diet! Quite similar in appearance to an avocado but with yellow flesh, the lucuma is rich in iron, zinc, beta carotene, calcium and protein, and tastes wonderfully sweet. The great thing about lucumas is that they are just as delicious cooked as they are raw.



Teff Teff is a gluten free grain that hails from Ethiopia, and although it’s tiny, it certainly packs a healthy punch! You can buy it in grain form or as milled flour, and its high levels of fiber and iron make it a great healthy choice over traditional flour. Like banana flour, it contains resistant starch and has a low glycemic index.



Kefir Kefir is one of the fermented foods that are coming growing popular in a big way. The probiotic nature of kefir means that it is brilliant for maintaining all of the good bacteria in your gut and warding off the bad bacteria. Basically a type of fermented milk, it seems like it is finally time for kefir to break in to the mainstream.


Cactus Water

Cactus Water If you are bored of coconut water, then cactus water will be the way to go in 2017. It has always been popular in South and Central America, but the vibrant liquid is now making the jump in to the good books of big shot LA health enthusiasts and its antioxidant properties are causing it to be a big fruity hit.


Black Rice

Black Rice The look of it might take some getting used to, but black rice is going to be big in 2017! One single spoonful of black rice is said to contain more antioxidants than the lauded king of antioxidants, a handful of blueberries! Low in sugar and high in fiber, black rice is definitely something to try in 2017.



Freekeh Freekeh is something like quinoa, an ancient type of grain that has been rediscovered and has gained a reputation within the healthy eating community. It is a type of wheat that ranks very low on the glycemic index, and therefore is a great substitute for things like rice.


Banana Flour

Banana Flour There are so many different flour substitutes on the market, but apparently 2017 is going to be the year of banana flour. Historically used in Africa and the Caribbean, banana flour is now super popular with celiacs and people who suffer from gluten or wheat allergies. It’s a healthy choice because of its high density of resistant starch.



Kelp Kelp is a true superfood, containing high levels of iodine and being proficient in regulating your metabolism. Kelp’s diuretic qualities make it a great food for people who suffer from water retention and the great thing is that it’s easy to find due to the recent rise in popularity of Japanese cuisine.


Birch Water

Birch Water Birch water is specifically harvested from the sap that comes out of birch trees in the springtime. Much like coconut water, it contains countless healthy ingredients like magnesium, potassium, calcium and electrolytes, all of which boost your hydration and make for a great post work out beverage.

Are you going to be putting any of these on your menu in 2017?

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Great article

I'm all for sprouts!

Black rice is amazing, as it actually has taste. I enjoy if not prefer it to brown rice or white rice. To find out its healthier isn't a shock, it's like the darker the food the more it has to offer.

Love sprouts

You have 2017 in the title but 2016 in the article...

People look at you weird if you say you like sprouts :)

Roasted with balsamic + honey + a dash of salt & pepper is so delicious. Even my 5 year old niece says Brussels sprouts are her new fave vegetable!

I am trying with Brussels sprouts but I am curious of cost

They do and I am such a picky eater that the first time I said I liked them and god a odd look I was so surprised.. I thought everyone liked them. With butter and S &. P it's the okra and black eyed peas and everything else I wouldn't eat Sprouts were

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