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Healthy food can help you to beat belly bloat, slim down and also have more energy. Foods that help you maintain your potassium levels and stay hydrated help get there with ease. Foods like banana, avocado, brown rice, apples and other foods can help you to fight the belly bloat while feeling satisfied. Stay on track by eating foods that help you can slim down. Here are the healthy foods that can help you!

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Bananas People are often confused by bananas and think that because of the higher sugar content and calories that this fruit will bloat you. Think again - this could not be further from the truth. Due to the high content of potassium in bananas, this super fruit can decrease belly bloat and have you feeling super slim!



Avocado Due to its belly satisfying monounsaturated fats, avocado will help you to feel full and help curb your appetite throughout the day. So slice and enjoy it on your egg sandwich bright and early to help you to stay on track daily!


Brown Rice

Brown Rice Brown rice is a healthy complex carb that will not bloat you like white rice will. Swap out your white rice for brown rice without sacrificing taste. And enjoy your meal tonight without ever having to worry about bloat!



Oatmeal Enjoy some oatmeal for a snack or meal so you can have plenty of hearty healthy agents such as fiber. Better your health as you beat the belly bloat with this comfort meal. Add a sprinkle of cinnamon to spice up the taste and enjoy!



Yogurt Enjoy some probiotic yogurt that promotes a healthy gut. The active live cultures will do your body good while helping ward off any belly bloat. Just make sure to choose plain yogurt rather than sweetened. And if you want to have more flavor, slice up your favorite fruit and add in moderation!



Salmon Enjoy salmon because this fish is packed with healthy fats to boost your metabolism. These healthy fats will help to keep you slim and beat the belly bloat. You are totally winning while enjoying this savory, healthy dish!



Apples An apple a day keeps the doctor away because of the soluble fiber, metabolic boosting pectin, immunity boosting vitamins and minerals and nutrients to ward off belly bloating. Studies show an apple a day can help you to maintain a healthy weight. Just make sure you enjoy this while also making sure fitness and healthy eating is part of your life!



food, produce, melon, plant, fruit, This melon might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to potassium, but it's actually quite high in the nutrient. That makes it an ideal choice for banishing the bloat or stopping it from bothering you in the first place.


Leafy Green Veggies

food, produce, plant, vegetable, land plant, Things like spinach and kale are great if you want to avoid bloat. They are rich in fiber and water, which helps you prevent retention and belly bloat. Use them in salads or on sandwiches for outstanding results.



dish, food, produce, vegetable, cuisine, Because artichokes are so rich in fiber, you can rely on them to help you cut the bloat in your belly anytime. They'll boost healthy digestion too, which will keep your tummy from feeling wobbly and upset.



dish, food, meal, cuisine, produce, It's for lentils to get their 15 minutes of fame. This plant food contains the ideal mixture of protein, complex carbs and fiber that you need to look slim and svelte without a bit of bloat in sight.



dish, food, cuisine, meal, asian food, Kimchi, and other fermented foods, are a great antidote for belly bloat. They contain healthy probiotics that enhance digestion and keep the air in your intestines from causing you to look bloated and round. If you don't like kimchi, try sauerkraut instead.



food, dish, produce, vegetable, plant, The reason why cucumbers are so great for banishing bloat is because they have a very high water content. This might sound counterintuitive, but staying hydrated is actually one of the best ways to flush excess fluids from your belly, keeping you looking trim and slim.



dish, food, salad, produce, hors d oeuvre, Tomatoes are another food that contains mega amounts of potassium, making them great for your belly bloating diet. When you eat them, you help flush excess sodium out of your body, which helps get rid of bloat. Tomatoes also contain leptin, a hormone that helps you control your appetite.



food, dish, meat, meatball, cuisine, Because eggplant is so low in salt, but high in water, it's the perfect solution for getting rid of that dreaded belly bloat. It's not that great raw, but you can grill or bake it for a healthy side dish or main course that will keep you full, but not bloated. Yay!

So with all these belly bloat foods, what will you enjoy first?

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Wait a minute...I thought apples did the opposite because of all the fiber

Great article and i love love apples

This is full of bullshit. Some of them have the opposite effect.

Sounds good give it a try hope this works need it need it thank you thank you

Im so happy I found this article. I avoided bananas because I thought they bloated my tummy, mind you I dont eat them as ripe as that. I will enjoy eating the other foods mentioned. I love yogurt with blueberries. 💞🤗

Great food selection.

Great to learn new things

I totally agree over ripe bananas Make me ill, its like I'm eating a bruise it's disgusting. They have to be yellow

@Sophie Matthews I think you're right. Just because it's written on internet does not mean it's true

I find that lemons do the same thing. Just put some in water and enjoy its effects :)

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