8 Fun Ways for Foodies to Network ...

If you love food and want to make new friends, or even some professional contacts, you might be interested in some fun ways for foodies to network. While food can be a solo pleasure, there is also joy in sharing, so a foodie loves company. If you’re a solo foodie you know you are missing out on some great shared experiences, but not if you try some of these ways for foodies to network.

1. Cooking Classes

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One of the simplest and most easily accessible ways for foodies to network is to attend cooking classes. Unless you are looking for a certificated course, cooking classes are a very social affair where people connect through their love of food and learning more about food. From simple classes held in people’s homes to master classes by top chefs, there are cooking classes in just about every world cuisine and every cookery discipline. Make some great friends while learning how to temper spices or crimp a pie crust.

2. Food Blogs

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Food bloggers are among the most prolific web writers. They just love to share recipes and food experiences. The forums on food blogs are just one of the ways for foodies to meet other foodies, but you might also consider starting your own blog. From sharing recipes, interviewing local food entrepreneurs, producers and restaurateurs to passing on interesting food facts, there’s plenty of new material you can share. You can then connect with other food bloggers through a network of guest posts.

3. Food Fairs, Shows and Festivals

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When you share a passion, it is easy to strike up a conversation. What better places to meet other foodies than food fairs, shows and festivals? These events present endless opportunities to engage food lovers in conversation. People with a passion are always happy to spread their love of something, so you can make some great connections at food events.

4. Meet-ups

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If you’ve never heard of meetup.com, it’s time to get acquainted. It is easy as typing in food and your location to find meetups where you can discover new gastronomically-enthused connections and potential new foodie friends. Once you get into the swing of the site you can begin to narrow down you search to specific areas of interest. And, if you can’t find the sort of group you are looking for, why not organize your own?

5. Supper Clubs

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Supper clubs are one of the really fun ways for foodies to meet other foodies. Supper clubs range from enthusiastic amateur and home chefs who aspire to high standards to fine dining restaurants. Restricted in numbers, food is usually hand-picked, high design, high quality and very trendy. Generally supper clubs tend to be a likeminded, regular circle of people, but if you want something really on-trend, the underground dining scene is a foodie’s dream - especially if you live in a big city like New York, Paris or London; you could end up dining next to a serious celebrity.

6. Food Tastings

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A cheese and wine evening might sound like a throwback to the '70s, but these days, food tasting events have much merit as one of the ways for foodies to network. Wine and cheese tastings, the traditional products around which food lovers mix and mingle with other food lovers, are no longer stuffy affairs with limited choices thanks to the sheer quantity of wines and cheeses. Food tastings have extended beyond tradition to now include things like chocolate, chilies and cocktails. There’s no need to feel intimidated, standing around, or hugging the wall. It’s a friendly party where everyone is sharing tidbits of food info.

7. Social Dining

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Social dining groups are similar to supper clubs, but have more of a specific niche focus. They are one of the nice ways to connect with other foodies with common interests. There are definite advantages to making social connections with people who not only have a love of food, but also share another of your passions. In fact, in some cases, it is the common interest that brings you together rather than food, and it is the dining experience that provides the platform – like as in how yoga enthusiasts might all meet for a raw food meal or soccer mums all meet at a new juice bar. If this is of interest to you, check out sites like grubwithus.com, letslunch.com and socialdining.org.

8. Local Networking

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Don’t forget, there are foodies all around you. Your local eateries, farm shops, farmer’s markets, bakeries, ice cream parlors and coffee shops are all run by food lovers. Some of the people who work there might be foodies, or just doing a job, but you won’t know unless you strike up a conversation. Next time you grab your morning muffin, or stop in at your local deli to pick up supper, start connecting.

There’s not an unlimited list of ways for foodies to connect with other foodies, but the opportunities are most definitely there, and eminently accessible. Whether you want to make professional contacts, find prospective employers in the food industry or just make like-minded friends, why not try some of these ways for foodies to network. Are you an avid foodie? How do you connect with other food lovers?

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