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35 Gingerbread Houses You Can Build and Eat ...

By Eliza

At this time of year I can't want to get started decorating with gingerbread houses. I like to build them for decor, but you can certainly put one together, then nibble on it all season long. Building gingerbread houses is a super fun activity for kids and should definitely be part of your holiday fun this year. Check out these epic creations and get ready to make your own masterpieces.

1 Stand up Gingerbread Sugar Cookies

food,gingerbread house,gingerbread,dessert,dish,Source: butter hearts sugar: Gingerbread House ...
These tiny gingerbread houses make great snacks for all of your holiday parties.

2 Fairy Tale

food,dessert,pink,cake,cake decorating,Source: How to Make a Gingerbread ...
This light pink gingerbread house is different and a little bit whimsical.

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3 White Decor

food,gingerbread house,dessert,cake,icing,Source: Gingerbread House Recipe and Printable ...
Use white icing to make a snowy landscape on and around your gingerbread house.

4 Gingerbread People

food,gingerbread,dessert,icing,snack food,Source: Gingerbread House Decorating Party - ...
No gingerbread house would be complete without some people to live in it.

5 Ski Chalet

food,dessert,cake,gingerbread house,birthday cake,Source:
The symmetrical way this gingerbread house is designed looks really good, don't you think?

6 Gingerbread Lighthouse

food,cake,dessert,wedding cake,gingerbread house,Source:
This is a fun and unique take on the classic gingerbread house.

7 Huge Elegant Mansion

gingerbread house,gingerbread,food,dessert,christmas decoration,Source:
Wouldn't you love to live here? I would!

8 Up House

food,dessert,cake,art,party,Source: 20 Unbelievable Gingerbread Houses You'll ...
If you're feeling really ambitious, try out his epic creation.

9 Pretzel Gingerbread House

gingerbread house,food,gingerbread,dessert,christmas decoration,Source:
Pretzels are a great embellishment for fences and much more.

10 Winter Lodge

christmas decoration,ERKSON,This reminds me of a ski lodge. What do you think? Could you build this?

11 Bed and Breakfast Gingerbread House

gingerbread house,food,dessert,christmas decoration,dollhouse,Source:
A professional built this one, but it would be fun to try and copy it.

12 Huge House

temple,place of worship,christmas decoration,tower,Source: Community Post: 40 "Harry Potter"-Inspired ...
It must have taken a long time to build this really huge gingerbread house.

13 Copy a House

dollhouse,christmas decoration,toy,furniture,wood,Source: Editors' Picks: 99 Amazingly Crafted ...
Use your materials to recreate a reproduction of a famous house. Or your own.

14 Lots of Detail

gingerbread house,food,gingerbread,christmas decoration,dessert,Source: Gingerbread House - 2011
Use an icing pen or cake decorating kit to create lots of detail on your house.

15 Marshmallow Roof

gingerbread house,food,dessert,christmas decoration,gingerbread,Source: Site Maintenance
Marshmallows are easy to manipulate and you can use them to add detail to your house.

16 Dripping Icing

food,dessert,cake decorating,cake,sugar paste,Source: 1ee2010
Use thick icing to make icicles on your house.

17 Pretty in Pink

pink,food,gingerbread house,dessert,icing,Source:
Pink can definitely be a Christmas color when it's on a gingerbread house.

18 Don't Forget Santa

gingerbread house,christmas decoration,gingerbread,food,dessert,Source: Everything foodie .
Don't forget to cap off your gingerbread house with Santa Claus.

19 Peppermint Gingerbread House

lighting,food,christmas decoration,llin,and-,Source:
Use peppermints to add columns and decorations on a fancy Victorian gingerbread house.

20 Little Cottage

food,dessert,gingerbread,gingerbread house,christmas decoration,Source:
Of course, there's nothing wrong with keeping it small and adorable like this one.

21 Doctor Who

blue,man made object,play,lighting,wood,Source:
You'll need a bunch of blue frosting to make this Doctor Who inspired house.

22 A Tiny Village

food,dessert,gingerbread,gingerbread house,christmas decoration,Source: butter hearts sugar: Gingerbread
A bunch of little houses make an adorable little village.

23 On a Dish

food,dessert,pink,cake,sugar paste,Source: Cookier Close-up: Mariëlle de Vroome, ...
Keep your house contained by building it on a small dish.

24 Bright Colors

food,gingerbread house,dessert,birthday cake,cake decorating,Source: Cakes
Use brightly colored candies to give your house some personality.

25 Totally Magical

gingerbread house,food,dessert,gingerbread,cake,This house totally showcases all the magic that is Christmas time. I love how glittery it is.

26 Dress up a Cake

food,chocolate cake,dessert,cake,torte,Source: Winter wonderland gingerbread house Christmas ...
Wrap a cake with flat gingerbread cookies to create this look.

27 Cut out Windows

food,dessert,gingerbread house,cake,birthday cake,Source: butter hearts sugar: Gingerbread House ...
If you have a steady hand, you can cut out a few shapes to make windows.

28 Something Simple

food,dessert,gingerbread,gingerbread house,icing,Source:
I'm not sure I have the skill to do this, but it looks pretty great, doesn't it?

29 Red and Green

gingerbread house,food,dessert,gingerbread,christmas decoration,Source: Unavailable Listing on Etsy
Stick to a red and green color palette for a holiday look that everyone will love.

30 Big Pyramid

gingerbread house,food,dessert,christmas decoration,gingerbread,Source:
This pyramid design is easy to carry out and really fun to decorate too.

31 Candy Bricks

gingerbread house,food,dessert,christmas decoration,gingerbread,Source: Scraptus: Les maisons
Cover the outside of the houses with candies to emulate bricks.

32 Island Inspired

christmas decoration,amusement park,food,amusement ride,Taki,Source: Christmas 2008 Trip Report Pt ...
This adorable tiki bar is a fun way to remember a past Christmas vacation.

33 Snow on the Roof

gingerbread house,food,dessert,gingerbread,christmas decoration,Source:
This is the perfect house for welcoming Santa Claus!

34 Painted House

christmas decoration,art,gingerbread house,Source: Gingerbread House Decorating Ideas
Tint your frosting to make it look like your gingerbread house is painted.

35 Big and Fancy

gingerbread house,food,gingerbread,dessert,christmas decoration,Source: If At First You Don't ...
I saved my favorite for last. Isn't this great?

Do you plan to build a gingerbread house this year? I do, but my kids will help so they will not look like any of these. Oh well. It's the fun that counts! Which one is your favorite?

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