7 Yummy Korean Dishes to Try Today ...


7 Yummy Korean Dishes to Try Today ...
7 Yummy Korean Dishes to Try Today ...

If you're a foodie looking to experiment and try new dishes, you're going to love guest contributor Belinda Ma's list of must-try Korean foods.

Usually when you think of Korean food you might think Kimchi, seafood pancake, or tofu stew; but do you know that there are actually a lot more options other than that? My friends and I love trying new cuisines and here are a few Korean dishes that you must try.

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Bossam The hero of this dish is the boiled pork belly that is cooled and finely sliced and served with different side dishes and dipping sauces. Usually you can wrap it all together with vegetable leaves such as red lettuce and sesame leaves. That’s where it gets the name ‘Bossam’ which literally means ‘wrapped’. When you put it into your mouth everything just seems to come together with all the different textures.



Sundae This might not be for everyone. It’s usually made with Pig intestines stuffed with noodles, pork blood, and some herbs that are steamed together. It's a very common street food in Korea and you can also get it in soup at restaurants.



Jajangmyeon This is a black bean sauce noodle dish that you can find in a Korean «Chinese restaurant». This isn't really Chinese food that you get at a typical Chinese restaurant, but it’s yummy. You have to eat your Jajangmyeon quickly though, because what I usually find is that the noodles absorb the sauce really quickly and then it just doesn't taste as good.


Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken Has anyone watched the drama ‘You who came from the stars’? The female lead actress always eats fried chicken and she just makes it look so delicious and by the end of the episode you’ll be craving it as well. The Korean fried chicken is a little different from the ones you get at KFC. You have an option where you can coat it in different sauces and even though it’s coated, the skin doesn't go all soggy.



Tteokbokki Tteokbokki is a very popular Korean street food snack which is made from soft rice cakes, fish cakes coated in a sweet yet spicy chili paste. Some restaurants even put cheese on top to balance it out if you find it too spicy.


Soy Sauce Crab

Soy Sauce Crab That is actually all it is. It’s when fresh raw crab is marinated in soy sauce and left to ferment. The texture of the crab meat it a little different to other sashimi seafood that you have tried. Before you know it, the meat is infused with flavour. It quite literally melts in your mouth with a creamy texture.



Pat-to-the-bing-to-the-su! Well now that we have gone through the mains, let us get down to dessert! Patbingsu is more of a summer dessert, it’s a huge bowl of shaved ice topped with colorful fruits, red bean, sweet rice cakes and condensed milk. Sometimes it’s served with an ice cream on top. Patbingsu is a great way to finish off a hot summers day after dinner.

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