Morning Mocktails to Start Your Day off Right ...


Morning Mocktails to Start Your Day off Right ...
Morning Mocktails to Start Your Day off Right ...

Breakfast isn't just about breaking the overnight fast. It is about kick starting your metabolism and fueling your body right for the day ahead. Give yourself a protein hit, an antioxidant boost and something nutritionally rich and satisfying so you don't reach for a sugary snack for elevenses and you're in the right track for a great breakfast. If you love juices, shakes and smoothies, and are partial to a cocktail or two, these morning mocktails really will be a morning treat.

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Cantaloupe, Ginger and Cilantro

Unusual and delicious.
Recipe -

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Pink Sunrise

With a name like that you just know it has to be good.
Recipe -


The Pink Sunrise is a glass full of morning cheer you won't want to miss. Blending the fresh flavors of juicy strawberries with the tangy zest of citrus, this vibrant concoction awakens your taste buds and energizes your spirit. Plus, its beautiful hue is an Instagram-worthy way to start your day. Simply whirl together the fruits with a splash of your favorite plant-based milk for a creamy texture and a boost of nutrients. Indulge in this refreshing drink and greet your day with a delicious dose of vitality.


Pistachio Fig Smoothie

A hit of much needed fiber in a delicious way.
Recipe -


Not a Bloody Mary

If only all Bloody Marys tasted this good and were as good for you.
Recipe -


Imagine kickstarting your day with the zesty zing of a drink that looks like a Bloody Mary but comes without the alcohol. This virgin twist packs a punch with fresh tomato juice, a squeeze of lemon, a hint of horseradish, and that all-important dash of Worcestershire sauce for depth. Finish it off with a crunchy celery stalk and you've got yourself a morning beverage that's not just delicious, but also teeming with nutrients to power you through the day. It's the perfect blend for those who love the classic but prefer their mornings alcohol-free. Cheers to a healthier start!


Zen Zero

Zingy and zesty with grapefruit, lime and ginger.
Recipe -


This tantalizing blend awakens the senses and kicks start your morning with a burst of citrus and a spicy hit of ginger. The combination not only energizes you but also provides a dose of vitamin C and digestive benefits. Ideal for those who love a little tang in their morning routine, this mocktail could quickly become a refreshing staple to your breakfast table. Just imagine sipping this invigorating mixture as the sunlight pours through your window—pure morning bliss.


Greenyliscious Matcha Frappe

Coffee lovers take note. There's caffeine here and it’s a slower release than your cuppa joe.
Recipe -


Good Morning Sunburst

Mock tequila sunrise anyone?
Recipe -


Tropical Sunrise Smoothie

Who can resist something so beautiful?
Recipe -


Paula Colada

You might not start your day on a tropical island but enjoy this instead.
Recipe -


Imagine the sun gently warming your skin and the sound of waves lapping at the shore as you sip on this delightful blend of tropical flavors. The Paula Colada elegantly combines the creamy sweetness of coconut with the succulent tang of fresh pineapple, teasing your palate with the tastes reminiscent of an exotic vacation. No alcohol is needed to enjoy the vibrant dance of these flavors in your morning routine, making for a perfect, refreshing start to your day. The recipe promises to whisk you away to sandy beaches and sun-kissed tranquility, right from the comfort of your home.


Tomato Peach Spritzer

The unexpected combo of fruits and fizzy goodness from ginger packs a big punch of flavor.
Recipe -


Peach Queen

Love a fuzzy navel? Try this!
Recipe -


Island Smoothie

Packed with the goodness of mango and goji berries.
Recipe -


Kimmy Gimlet

A gimlet you won't regret in the morning
Recipe -


Pineapple Mocktail Margarita

If you prefer pineapple juice to orange juice, try this.
Recipe -


Blueberry Lavender & Honeycomb Breakfast Milkshake

All I can say is yum.
Recipe -


Grapefruit, Lemon and Sage Infused Water

You don't need me to tell you how good fruit infused waters are for your body.
Recipe -


Get up and Glow Juice

This is good news for your body inside and out.
Recipe -


ACV Elixir

Drink up to get all the amazing health benefits of apple cider vinegar,
Recipe -


Cherry Kale Smoothie

Get an anti-inflammatory hit from hemp.
Recipe -


Pink Energizer Bunny

A very cheery way to start the day with fully charged batteries
Recipe -


Lava Sparks

If you crave fizz, pass on the soda and reach for this instead.
Recipe -


Our Daily Juice

If you wake up feeling bloated, the fennel in this will help.
Recipe -


Pineapple and Cucumber Cooler

A great way to start a summery day
Recipe -


Orange and Elderflower Spritzer

A different way to get your OJ.
Recipe -


Coconut and Blackberry Smoothie

Something that looks good as well as tastes good.
Recipe -


Grapefruit and Sage Hydrator

A delicious way to replace fluid.
Recipe -


Dragon's Lair Spritzer

An unusual mocktail - it uses dragon fruit.
Recipe -


Ginger and Lemon Shots

Ginger will really calm down any digestive distress.
Recipe -

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