Make Summer Even Sweeter with These Blissful Beach-inspired Cakes ...


If you've got a special occasion coming up where you need to whip up a cake or some other sweet treat, why not go with a fun beach theme? Beaches not only scream summer, but there are so many fun ways to decorate. If you need some cute ideas for a summer soiree, look no further!

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Beach Wedding

Beach Wedding Source: Blue and White Ocean View
Blue and white beach wedding cake complete with beach chairs and starfish!


Under-the-Sea Cupcakes

Under-the-Sea Cupcakes Source: FamilyFun's Treat of the Month
The kiddos will love these gummi octopus cupcakes!


These delightful treats transport little ones straight to the ocean's floor. Vanilla cupcakes serve as a sandy base, while blue frosting ripples like gentle waves. Sprinkles of brown sugar mimic the sea floor, and colorful gummy octopuses perch atop the sweet surf. It's not just about looks; each bite blends the softness of the cake with the chewy texture of the candy, creating a taste adventure as exciting as exploring a coral reef. Ideal for beach-themed parties or a summer celebration, these cupcakes promise a splash of fun for taste buds young and old!


Beach Pie

Beach Pie Source: An ocean-themed dessert perfect for
So cute! Swedish fish, cocktail umbrellas, and sand make this creamy jello pie so festive and fun.


Flip Flop Cookies

Flip Flop Cookies Source:
Flip flop cookies make a quick and easy treat for a BBQ or picnic.


Simple yet charming, these delightful snacks are shaped like everyone's favorite summer footwear. So simple to make, all you need is your choice of cookies, preferably in oblong shapes, some frosting, and little decorations to mimic the thong part of the sandal. Let your creativity run wild with colorful sprinkles and icing to make each flip flop unique. They will not only look adorable gathered on a platter but are also guaranteed to spark giggles and conversation among your guests. Perfect for kids and adults alike, they add a whimsical touch to any summer festivity.


Sandcastle Cake

Sandcastle Cake Source:
Perfect for the mermaid in your life.


Flip Flop Cake

Flip Flop Cake Source: Flip-Flops Cake
Bright, cheery flip flops make the perfect cake for any occasion.


Slice of Paradise

Slice of Paradise Source: Slice of paradise
Love the beautiful colors and details on this cake!


This beautiful cake, “Slice of Paradise”, is a perfect example of a beach-inspired cake that will make summer even sweeter. The cake is decorated with bright colors and intricate details that evoke the feeling of a tropical paradise. The cake is made with white chocolate, cream cheese, and fresh fruit, giving it a light and refreshing flavor. The cake is decorated with white chocolate curls, blueberries, kiwi, and pineapple, creating a vibrant and colorful look.

The cake is perfect for any summer celebration, from a beach-themed birthday party to a tropical-themed wedding. It can also be served as an elegant dessert at a dinner party or as a special treat for a summer picnic. The cake is sure to be a hit with guests, making it a great way to add a touch of paradise to any summer event.

The cake is easy to make and can be customized to fit any theme. For a beach-themed cake, add some sand, shells, and starfish decorations. For a tropical-themed cake, add some colorful flowers, palm leaves, and parrots. The possibilities are endless!


Luau-themed Cake

Luau-themed Cake Source: Luau-Theme Birthday Party
What could be better than bears on a beach?


Sand Castle Cake and Flip Flop Cookies

Sand Castle Cake and Flip Flop Cookies Source: Beach Baby Shower
Planning a summer baby or bridal shower? Why not try a sandcastle cake with flip flop cookies?



#Surfboard Source: Disney's Teen Beach Movie Themed
A colorful Hawaiian-themed cake for kids of all ages.


Surfboards have been a classic beach symbol for decades, and they make for great cakes too! This Hawaiian-themed cake is the perfect way to bring the beach to your summer celebration. The cake is decorated with a bright and colorful surfboard design, complete with a beach umbrella, a beach ball, and a pair of flip-flops. The cake is finished off with a white chocolate frosting and a dusting of sanding sugar.

This cake is sure to be a hit with kids of all ages. It's perfect for a beach-themed birthday party, a pool party, or just a summer get-together. The cake is also a great way to show off your decorating skills. The bright colors and fun details are sure to be a showstopper.

The best part about this cake is that it's easy to make. All you need is a basic cake recipe, some white chocolate frosting, and a few decorations. You can also customize the cake to fit your theme. Add some edible seashells, a beach towel, or a pair of sunglasses for a personal touch.


Oyster Pearl Cookies

Oyster Pearl Cookies Source:
Easy and unexpected oyster cookies!


Buckets of Sand

Buckets of Sand Source: Dana Point Wedding {Erica +
Buckets of sand, friendly crabs, and beach mementos.


Starfish and Coral

Starfish and Coral Source: Beach-Themed Wedding Cakes
A tasty way to celebrate an under-the-sea wedding.


Birthday Beach Cake

Birthday Beach Cake Source: Beach theme cake contest
If you can't quite make it to the beach for your birthday, at least make your cake look like one!


This delightful beach-inspired cake is the perfect way to bring a little bit of summer fun to your birthday celebration. The cake features a white and yellow beach umbrella, sand, and ocean waves made from blue fondant. The cake is topped with a beach ball, a pair of flip flops, and a cute little beach chair. The cake is sure to bring a smile to the face of whoever celebrates their special day with it.

The cake is a great option for a beach or tropical themed birthday party and can also be used as a centerpiece for a summer barbecue. It's a great way to bring a little bit of the beach to your celebration.

The cake is made with a classic vanilla sponge cake and is covered in a delicious buttercream frosting. The fondant decorations are made with edible food coloring and are sure to make your cake look like a beach paradise.

The cake can be customized to fit any beach-inspired theme. Whether you want to add more beach-themed decorations or change the colors of the fondant, it's an easy way to make your cake unique.


Ombre Beach Cake with White Chocolate Sand Dollars

Ombre Beach Cake with White Chocolate Sand Dollars Source: Bird On A Cake: Ombre
Ombre cakes have a special place in my heart and tummy.


Ocean Waves Ombre Cake

Ocean Waves Ombre Cake Source: Ocean Waves Ombre Cake
Here's another similar ombre cake topped with molded candy sea shells.


Blue Cake with Flip Flop Sandals

Blue Cake with Flip Flop Sandals Source: beach inspired cake
Square cake with edible sand and flip flops


Wave Cookie Tutorial

Wave Cookie Tutorial Source: Surfboard and Wave Cookies
Almost too pretty to eat!


Teddy Bear on the Beach Cupcakes

Teddy Bear on the Beach Cupcakes Source: Teddy-at-the-Beach Cupcakes
I love this idea! If you don't have the time to make a cake, a cupcake with some crumbled graham crackers, a Teddy Graham, and an umbrella and you're set.


Surfboard Cake

Surfboard Cake Source: Fun with Fondant
So many great details in this ocean-inspired cake.


Sand Dollar Cookies

Sand Dollar Cookies Source: Simple Sand Dollar Cookies
Another fine idea for a baby or bridal shower.


Chocolate Seashell Cupcakes

Chocolate Seashell Cupcakes Source: Chocolate Seashell Cupcakes
These cupcakes are simple, but still sophisticated if I may say.


They transport you straight to the shoreline with a bite, evoking the sensation of sun-kissed skin and gentle waves lapping at your toes. The chocolate cupcakes are moist and just rich enough, and the buttercream frosting swirls like a dreamy tide. Topped with delicate chocolate seashells, these confections are a treasure trove of marine whimsy. Perfect for a beach-themed party, or simply to bring a bit of the ocean's charm to any summer soiree. The finishing touch? A sprinkle of graham cracker crumbs to mimic golden sands. Dive into these and let every morsel remind you of balmy breezes and the sweet smell of salt in the air.


Sand Dollar Cinnamon Sugar Cookies

Sand Dollar Cinnamon Sugar Cookies Source: Sand Dollar Cinnamon Sugar Cookies
Who knew sliced almonds could make such a creative cookie.


Two-tone Cookies

Two-tone Cookies Source: Beach-Themed Biscuits : 'Make Me
Obsessed with these cookies! So cute and I love that they're heart-shaped.


Fish Marshmallow Pops

Fish Marshmallow Pops Source: Bubble Guppies Under The Sea
Marshmallow pops are a fun alternative to a cake or cookies.


Beach Ball Cake Pops

Beach Ball Cake Pops Source: Beach Ball Cake Pops!
Yummy cake pops with colorful sugar-need I say more?


Beach Cake

Beach Cake Source: Beach Cake
This beach cake is the whole enchilada!



BEACH THEME PARTY Source: Take One: 10 Tips To
Teddy Grahams sure know how to party!


Ocean Wave

Ocean Wave Source: Cake Wrecks - Home
Surf's up.


The ocean wave cake is a beautiful and delicious way to celebrate summer. This cake is perfect for beach-themed parties, or for anyone who loves the ocean and wants to bring a little bit of the beach into their home. The cake is a two-tiered confection, with the top layer shaped like a wave and the bottom layer decorated with fondant shells and starfish. The top layer is made with a light and fluffy vanilla sponge cake, and the bottom layer is made with a rich and moist chocolate cake. The cake is then covered in a smooth white buttercream frosting and decorated with white chocolate curls, blue sugar pearls, and fondant shells and starfish.

The ocean wave cake is a stunning centerpiece that will be the talk of any gathering. It's a great way to bring a bit of the beach to any event and is sure to be a hit with guests. The cake is also a wonderful way to show appreciation for anyone who loves the ocean. It's a unique and beautiful way to show your love for the ocean and its beauty.


Crabby Cupcakes

Crabby Cupcakes Source: 20 easy-to-decorate birthday cakes (that
Grab some jellies and customize some boring cupcakes.

Are you ready to get baking? There are so many creative cooks out there and I love admiring their hard work! Have you ever made a beach-themed cake?

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These are so pretty, I don't even want to eat them. They look more like works of art than food. Some people are so creative!

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