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Cake pop designs are still hugely popular, because they're easy to make – and, perhaps more importantly, easy to decorate. You can get so crazy with cake pop designs, whether you love Disney characters, edible glitter, or gorgeous sugar pearls. Check out these incredible cake pops and see if you're not tempted to start your very own bakery!

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Fourth of July Cake Pops

Fourth of July Cake Pops Via Items similar to Cake Pops, ...

Even though we just passed the Fourth of July in the states, there's no reason you can't start looking into cake pop designs for next year! These are super festive, and super yummy!


Tea Party Pops

Tea Party Pops Via stylist.co.uk

These tea party cake pops are everything – everything! Perfect for a tea party, a birthday party, or just because, they'll instantly make you smile!


Glittery Cake Pops

Glittery Cake Pops Via Cake Pops

When you have a special occasion, like a wedding or a holiday party, you can't go wrong with glitter. Otherwise, cake pops like these are ridiculously easy to decorate – you just need a little glam!


These glittery cake pops are a great way to add a bit of sparkle to any event. They are made by coating cake balls in melted chocolate, and then rolling them in edible glitter. The result is a delicious and eye-catching treat that your guests will love. They are easy to make and can be customized with different colors and decorations to fit any theme. Plus, they make a great addition to any dessert table. With their unique look and delicious flavor, these cake pops are sure to be a hit at any special occasion!


Mickey and Minnie Mouse Inspired Cake Pops

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Inspired Cake Pops Via Mom's Killer Cakes & Cookies ...

Every Disney lover has to try these. They're like the beloved Mickey Mouse ice cream bars, except smaller, cuter, and made of cake.


Glitzy Cake Pops

Glitzy Cake Pops Via Couture bridal collection by a'Nouge ...

From the pearls to the sticks, these cake pops are gorgeous. They'd be great for a wedding as well, or a really special party, like a Sweet 16.


Baby Shower Cake Pop

Baby Shower Cake Pop Via andevents.wordpress.com

Truthfully, these cake pops are ideal for any occasion where you want something pretty, pink, and delicious. Say, a Monday.


Cake pops have become a popular trend in the world of desserts, and for good reason. These bite-sized treats are not only visually appealing, but also offer a variety of flavors and designs to fit any occasion. The Baby Shower Cake Pop, featured in the article, is just one example of the endless possibilities for these sweet treats. Created with a pink and white color scheme and adorned with cute baby-themed decorations, these cake pops are perfect for celebrating a new arrival. They can also be customized for other events such as birthdays, holidays, and weddings. With their versatility and delicious taste, it's no wonder cake pops have become a staple in the world of desserts.


Sofia the First Cake Pops

Sofia the First Cake Pops Via 12 Purple Princess Cake Pops, ...

If you want elegance with royal flair, make these. The details are gorgeous, but the technique is so easy that this probably won't turn into a Pinterest fail. (Probably.)


Disco Dip Cake Pops

Disco Dip Cake Pops Via Guest Dessert Table Feature | ...

I'm not precisely sure what “disco dip” is, but I think we need it in our lives, don't you? Because it turns out gorgeous.


Baseball Cake Pops

Baseball Cake Pops Via media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com

If you're a baseball lover or want to make desserts for the big game, cake pops lend themselves very well to baseball. Ditto basketball and soccer, but not so much football and hockey.


These adorable baseball-themed cake pops are perfect for tailgates, baseball team parties, or birthday celebrations for the sports enthusiast in your life. With their striking resemblance to miniature baseballs, complete with red stitching details, they're sure to be a hit. Plus, you can customize them to represent your favorite team by changing up the color of the sprinkles. Just remember to keep the iconic white and red color scheme to maintain that authentic baseball look that screams “Play ball!”


Pina Colada Cake Pops

Pina Colada Cake Pops Via Something Sweet & Lovely Kid ...

If you can't enjoy the real thing, at least you can munch on a reasonable facsimile. These are perfect just-because, but they'd also fit right into a beach bash or seaside wedding.


Holiday Season Cake Pops

Holiday Season Cake Pops Via Christmas Cake Pops | Sweetopia

The holiday season always cries out for desserts. No matter what holiday you celebrate, you could easily create a cake pop for it, but I advise using lots of sprinkles.


Fancy Cake Pops

Fancy Cake Pops Via Fancy cake pops

There's no reason not to get fancy with your cake pops. Wouldn't you love to create edible works of art like these?


Cake pops have become a popular dessert choice for parties and events, and it's no wonder with the endless possibilities for designs and flavors. One of the most eye-catching and impressive options are fancy cake pops. These small, bite-sized treats are transformed into edible works of art with intricate designs and vibrant colors. They are perfect for special occasions like weddings, birthdays, and holidays. The best part is that they are not only visually appealing, but also delicious to eat. From elegant floral designs to fun and playful characters, there is no limit to the creativity that can be achieved with fancy cake pops. So next time you're planning a party, consider adding some fancy cake pops to your dessert table for a stunning and tasty treat.


Valentine's Day Cake Pops

Valentine's Day Cake Pops Via Saint Valentin #1910275

Being a fan of pink, there's absolutely nothing I don't love about these. They're pretty and precious and with a change of color, you could make them work for any holiday or special occasion.


Valentine's Day Cake Pops are the perfect treat to share with your loved ones. Not only are they incredibly cute and eye-catching, but they are also incredibly delicious. These Cake Pops are made with a moist and flavorful cake base that is mixed with frosting and then formed into balls. The balls are then dipped in a variety of different colored chocolate and decorated with colorful sprinkles.

These Valentine's Day Cake Pops are the perfect dessert for any special occasion. Not only are they adorable and delicious, but they are also incredibly easy to make. All you need is a cake mix, frosting, chocolate, and sprinkles and you have the perfect treat.

These Valentine's Day Cake Pops are a great way to show your special someone how much you care. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or just want to show your appreciation, these Cake Pops are sure to make your loved one feel special.


Blue and White Cake Pops

Blue and White Cake Pops Via Blue and white Cake pops

But who needs a special occasion, really? Go festive for absolutely no reason, just make sure that you include lots of swirls, dots, and sprinkles in your designs.


Silver Bell Cake Pops

Silver Bell Cake Pops Via Great Finds: Cake Pops Holidays ...

Here's another picture perfect design for Christmas. How precious are these edible silver bells?


Monkey Cake Pops

Monkey Cake Pops Via blog.sweetcitycandy.com

Lots of animals lend themselves well to cake pops as well, but there's nothing as adorable as these little monkeys. They're so cheeky!


You can surprise your guests with these cute simian treats at your next jungle or zoo-themed party. Chocolate cake mixed with frosting forms the base, which is then dipped in brown candy coat for that signature fur look. Use black icing for the little details like the eyes and mouth, and don't forget to add a pair of adorable ears. Whether for a child's birthday or a cheeky baby shower, monkey cake pops are a surefire way to bring smiles and a touch of whimsy to any festive occasion. Plus, they're just as delicious as they are charming!


Rudolph Cake Pops

Rudolph Cake Pops Via Birthday Party Ideas - Blog

Rudolph comes close, though. Doesn't he look beyond happy to be a cake pop?


Teddy Bear Cake Pops

Teddy Bear Cake Pops Via Food | Babble

Next Valentine's Day, forget about that heart-shaped box of chocolates or those chalky candy hearts. These bears and their sweet messages are all you need to win over your crush.


Hello Kitty Inspired Cake Pops

Hello Kitty Inspired Cake Pops Via kissandpunch.com

Recognize that signature bow? Although these cake pops are just inspired by Hello Kitty, I think recreating her adorable face would be incredibly easy.


Wedding Invitation Cake Pops

Wedding Invitation Cake Pops Via Wedding Stationery Cake Pop Inspiration ...

These cake pops were inspired by wedding invites from Wedding Paper Divas. Whatever your invites look like, I love the idea of tying your cake pops into the theme.


Nutcracker Cake Pops

Nutcracker Cake Pops Via Cake - Cakes #1258494

There are loads of Christmas-themed cake pops, but I think these are my favorite. They'll take some work, but they bring the Nutcracker magic right to the fore!


Puppy Cake Pops

Puppy Cake Pops Via some amazing easy cake pop ...

There is nothing better than cake pops shaped like puppies. These win the world.


Cinco De Mayo Cake Pops

Cinco De Mayo Cake Pops Via CINCO de MAYO Cake Pops ...

Honestly, these make great summertime cake pops in general. Forget drinking when you can eat a cake pop that looks like a drink.


Flowery Cake Pops

Flowery Cake Pops Via Image

I'm a sucker for pink anyway, but these cake pops are so precious and pretty that I think I just got a cavity. Those flowers!


Adorned with delicate edible blossoms, these bite-sized beauties are a true testament to the charm that can be achieved with confectionery. The harmonious blend of pink hues gives them an irresistibly feminine touch—ideal for baby showers, bridal gatherings, or just because. What's more enchanting is that each cake pop is like a mini bouquet you can eat, blending both the aesthetics of floral arrangements with the indulgence of a sweet treat. They don’t just look amazing; they taste like a dream too, with a spongy cake interior that's as delightful as their exterior.


Easter Bunny Cake Pops

Easter Bunny Cake Pops Via some amazing easy cake pop ...

This cake pop design could easily kill the market for chocolate eggs and bunnies. Those ears are maybe the cutest things I've ever seen in my life.


Mother's Day Cake Pops

Mother's Day Cake Pops Via Etsy :: Your place to ...

Honestly, these cake pops would work any time you want to give someone roses but want your gift to be a little more substantial. Pretty to look at, delicious to eat – it's a win/win situation.


Lorax Cake Pops

Lorax Cake Pops Via some amazing easy cake pop ...

And finally, these win the internet. The Lorax is a cake pop and your argument is invalid.

Cake pops really are easy to make, once you get the hang of them. Well, the decorating takes some practice, but who cares, because cake! What's the best and worst cake pop you've ever made or seen?

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