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17 Juicing Infographics to Help You Stay Healthy ...

By Holly

You've probably heard the word "juicing," but how much do you really know about the trend? If you're clueless, then it's time to study up. Here are a few juicing infographics that'll help you stay healthy:

1 Natural Rehab in Your Kitchen

Natural Rehab in Your KitchenJuicing is a way to get rid of the toxins in your body. All you have to do is extract juice from organically grown fruits and vegetables and then sip on it.

2 A-Z of Raw Ingredients for Juicing

A-Z of Raw Ingredients for JuicingThere are certain foods that work amazingly well when it comes to juicing. You can try using apples, bananas, berries, carrots, and a whole lot more!


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3 Do You Juice?

Do You Juice?Did you know that you should be drinking about two cups of fruit each day? Only 15% of Americans actually do that, so it's time for you to join the group!

4 How to Start Juicing

How to Start JuicingBefore you can start juicing, you're going to have to buy a juicer. Don't worry, because there are inexpensive ones that you can buy. You'll just have to clean it often.

5 7 Best Juice Diet Recipes for Weight Loss

7 Best Juice Diet Recipes for Weight LossIf you want juicing to make you as healthy as can be, you need to throw the right items together. Start by creating tomato and cucumber juice or watercress and carrot juice!

6 What's in Your Juice?

What's in Your Juice?Fruit juice from the grocery store isn't actually healthy for you. That's why you might want to eat a cup of fruit instead of drinking a cup of fruit juice filled with sugar.

7 Juicing Vs. Blending

Juicing Vs. BlendingDid you know there's actually a difference between juicing and blending? Basically, juicers separate juice from fiber while blending just blends ingredients together.

8 5 Colors of Phytonutrients

5 Colors of PhytonutrientsMake sure you eat the right color fruits. Most people don't eat enough red, blue, green, white, or orange fruits!

9 Benefits of Juicing

Benefits of JuicingIf you start juicing, you'll increase your metabolic rate, strengthen your immune system, and save money!

10 The Difference between Juicing and Blending

The Difference between Juicing and BlendingHere's another infographic that will tell you about all of the differences between juicing and blending. There's more than you realize.

11 The Ultimate Guide to Fresh Juicing

The Ultimate Guide to Fresh JuicingJuicing can boost your brain, increase your energy, help you sleep better, build your bones, ward off stress, and even improve digestion. The health benefits go on and on.

12 Juice Your Way to a Healthy Lifestyle

Juice Your Way to a Healthy LifestyleThis infographic will give you a few great recipes. No matter what fruits are your favorite, you'll find a recipe that you'll want to gulp right down.

13 Green Juice Formula

Green Juice FormulaThis will show you how to make "crazy sexy green juice." Doesn't that sound delicious?

14 10 Benefits of Cold Press Juicing

10 Benefits of Cold Press JuicingDid you know that it's much easier to get your nutrients from cold pressed juices than to eat the same amount of fruits and vegetables? That's why you should try it!

15 Battle of the Health Beverages

Battle of the Health BeveragesSmoothies are good for you, too. You can try to sip on them when you're not in the mood to juice.

16 Why Smoothies Are Better than Juicing

Why Smoothies Are Better than JuicingHere's another infographic that talks about smoothies. They might even convince you to drink one today!

17 5 Days Juicing Weight Loss Plan

5 Days Juicing Weight Loss PlanIf you want to lose weight, this infographic could help you. Just follow the plan it creates for you!

Now you know a little more about the trend that everyone's been talking about. Have you tried juicing before?

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