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33 Toast Toppers to Turn Bread into a Meal ...

By Eliza

The humble slice of bread gets a grown up makeover with this list of toast toppers. No longer is toast a means to deliver cinnamon and sugar. You can toast a slice of bread and build an entire meal on top. And there are tons of options you can use to make yours something to savor. Check out these toast toppers, then mix and match your favorite ideas.

1 Avocado and Goat Cheese

Avocado and Goat Cheese Via Goat Cheese & Avocado Toast ...
One of my favorite toast toppers is mashed avocado and goat cheese. Add flavor with salt and pepper or crushed red pepper flakes.

2 Fresh Tomato and Mozzarella

Fresh Tomato and Mozzarella Via Fresh Tomato And Mozzarella On ...
Melt a slice of mozzarella on toast and top it with sliced tomatoes and onions. Yum!

3 Buffalo Chicken

Buffalo Chicken Via Blogger
See - I told you that you could put anything on toast for a yummy meal.

4 Mix and Match

Mix and Match Via 21 Ideas For Energy-Boosting Breakfast ...
Look at all those tasty ideas. I think I'll try the celery and raisins with peanut butter in lunchboxes this school year.

5 Poached Eggs and Bacon

Poached Eggs and Bacon Via Delectables
There's nothing better with toast than an egg and the bacon and avocado jazz it up just right.

6 Warm Berry Preserves

Warm Berry Preserves Via Vanilla-Maple French Toast with Warm ...
Turn any slice of toast into French toast with warm berries.

7 Poached Eggs

Poached Eggs Via Poached Eggs on Toast | ...
Pair poached eggs with veggies or smoked salmon. You'll wish mealtime would never end!

8 Nuts and Cream

Nuts and Cream Via Baked Eggnog French Toast
Give your sweet toast a fun twist with cream and chopped nuts.

9 Smoked Salmon

Smoked Salmon Via Mother's Day Brunch Menu - ...
Smoked salmon is a great addition to toast. Pair it with avocado and onions for a yummy meal.

10 Egg Yolk

Egg Yolk Via Harissa, Smashed Avocado + Egg ...
That runny egg yolk looks simply divine!

11 Avocado with Cottage Cheese

Avocado with Cottage Cheese Via Avocado Toast with Cottage Cheese ...
Are you seeing a trend when it comes to toast toppers? That's right - avocado is a great one!

12 Roasted Mushroom and Gruyere

Roasted Mushroom and Gruyere Via Roasted Mushroom and Gruyere Toasts ...
What a gourmet way to add pizazz to a humble slice of toast.

13 Grilled Tomato with Ricotta

Grilled Tomato with Ricotta Via Grilled Tomato "Lollipop" Toasts & ...
The tomato does a great job of bringing out the flavor of the ricotta.

14 Guacamole Bruschetta

Guacamole Bruschetta Via Guacamole Bruschetta Toast | Olives ...
I think I could eat this for any meal, day or night.

15 Pile It on

Pile It on Via Avocado Toast - 5 Ways! ...
Look at all the delicious combinations on these slices of toast.

16 Egg and Avocado

Egg and Avocado Via Egg and Avocado Toast - ...
Scrambled eggs make a great item to place on toast.

17 Cheesy Toast

Cheesy Toast Via Cheesy Toast | Slimming Eats ...
I'm pretty sure there's nothing better than melted cheese on toast.

18 Add Flavor

Add Flavor Via
Fresh herbs and spices, like the cilantro on this toast, are an easy way to give it some flavor.

19 Prosciutto, Arugula and a Poached Egg

Prosciutto, Arugula and a Poached Egg Via Long Weekends and a Simple ...
I think the name says it all. This yummy combination of ingredients is perfect for topping toast.

20 Baked Blueberry French Toast

Baked Blueberry French Toast Via Baked Blueberry French Toast | ...
Blueberries are the perfect and yummiest topper for French toast.

21 Try Fruit

Try Fruit Via
Fruit works just as well on toast as veggies do. Try your favorites with cream cheese, peanut butter or honey.

22 Lots of Avocado

Lots of Avocado Via Recipe: Avocado and black sesame ...
Of course, you can just skip all the other ingredients and opt for a huge pile of avocado on its own.

23 Small Slices

Small Slices Via Homesick Toast
Use small slices of toast so you can eat more!

24 Egg and Asparagus

Egg and Asparagus Via Culinary Colleen
If you've never had asparagus on toast, you are seriously missing out. Look how delicious this looks.

25 Egg and Caprese Breakfast Toast

Egg and Caprese Breakfast Toast Via Caprese Avocado Breakfast Toast Recipe
Think about how yummy the egg yolk will taste when paired with tomatoes and mozzarella.

26 Charred Tomatoes with Fried Eggs

Charred Tomatoes with Fried Eggs Via Friday Favorites
I can't even describe how tasty this toast looks. I want some right now!

27 Refried Beans, Salsa and Cilantro

Refried Beans, Salsa and Cilantro Via 21 Ideas For Energy-Boosting Breakfast ...
Beans on toast? Yes, please!

28 Pomegranate Seeds

Pomegranate Seeds Via 27 Foods To Eat At ...
Pomegranate seeds add a touch of color and a totally unexpected taste on your toast.

29 Egg and Veggie Toast Stack

Egg and Veggie Toast Stack Via Dorian Mais pourquoi est-ce ...
Don't stop with just one slice of toast. Stack it up high!

30 Taste Explosion

Taste Explosion Via Toast: Four Ways | Cupcakes ...
Can't you just taste these flavors bursting on your tongue?

31 Mushroom, Spinach and Mozzarella

Mushroom, Spinach and Mozzarella Via
It's sort of like pizza. On toast. You're welcome.

32 Cheese Toasted Bread

Cheese Toasted Bread Via Food cravings
Give your toast extra flavor with cheese before you fill it with the rest of the ingredients.

33 Gooey Wonder

Gooey Wonder Via toast
That ooey gooey cheese looks so delicious!

Have you ever considered eating toast with something other than butter? I love cream cheese, smoked salmon, capers, onion and tomatoes. Which one will you try first?

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