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Antipasto is defined as an appetizer before a formal Italian meal, but you don't have to leave your antipasto arrangements for a celebration. I love antipasto as a light meal and you can eat it anytime you want. Typically, antipasto arrangements consist of olives, meats and cheeses, but sometimes you can throw in something else to shake things up. Check out these great examples and you'll see what I mean.

1. Antipasto Kabobs

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Make it easy to eat by skewering your antipasto arrangements like this. The addition of tomatoes and tortellini really add to this, don't you think?

2. Drizzled Skewers

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Once you have your skewers set, drizzle them with balsamic vinegar for flavor and presentation.

3. Make Them to Go

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Pile your antipasto kebabs in a dish like this one and take them to your next party or picnic. Everyone will love them! I promise!

4. All the Same

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Add to your presentation by making each of your skewers the same so they coordinate and look appetizing next to each other.

5. Try Some Vegetables

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Those artichoke hearts make this antipasti look even more delicious!

6. Antipasto Salad Plate

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Of course, you don't have to skewer your antipasto. Try laying it out on a platter like this so your guests can build their own skewer however they want it.

7. Add Some Bread

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Give your guests something extra to fill up on by adding some breadsticks or loaves of crusty bread to go along with your antipasto.

8. Fresh Basil

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A leaf of fresh basil with your antipasto is the perfect addition for lots of flavor and color.

9. Marinated Pasta

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I love how the marinated bowtie pasta on these skewers makes them look totally tasty while also being more filling.

10. Put It on a Tray

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Arrange your antipasto on a tray like this and it will be super easy to carry it from place to place no matter where you are.

11. Big Chunks of Cheese

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Add a few big chunks of cheese to your antipasto platter to give it presentation.

12. Top a Salad

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For a meal instead of an appetizer, pile your antipasto fixings on top of a crisp green salad. Yum!

13. Italian Shrimp Antipasto Salad

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This plate of antipasto looks so absolutely delicious. Those carrots are stunning!

14. Antipasto Bites

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What a fun and easy way to make your antipasto appetizers easy to eat while you mingle.

15. Lots of Veggies

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Asparagus and tomatoes make the most delicious additions to your platter. This one is probably one of my favorites.

16. Antipasto Minis

Via Antipasto Minis
These small antipasto skewers are the perfect pre-dinner bites, don't you think?

17. Add Some Ravioli

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A big old ravioli on the end of your antipasto skewers are beautiful and look totally yummy!

18. Serve with Wine

Via Antipasto Platter - Cristina Ferrare
Wine is the perfect thing to serve with your antipasto platter. This looks like dinner to me!

19. Make It a Big One

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If you're hosting a big crowd, go ahead and make a huge antipasto platter like this one. If there are leftovers, you are set for lunch the next day.

20. Just One Bite

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I love how these are just one bite of delicious flavor. How many of these would you eat?

21. Eat It with a Fork

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This looks like a lunch I could eat every day! What about you?

22. Melon Slices

Via Antipasti Veloci
Melon pairs wonderfully with many of the meats on an antipasto platter, especially prosciutto, so go ahead and add some to yours.

23. Try Some Sausage

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Add Italian sausage to your skewers for something a little bit different.

24. Lovely Arrangement

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I like how this platter is arranged so each person can grab what they want and pile it on the bread with ease.

25. Grilled Vegetable Antipast0

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Grilling those veggies before you place them on the platter gives them so much more flavor and really adds to your presentation. This looks delicious, don't you think?

26. Roasted Vegetable Antipasto

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Of course, roasted veggies are also a delicious way to add flavor to your antipasto.

27. For a Small Crowd

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I'm fairly sure I could finish this off all by myself. But I might share with the right person.

28. A Little Heat

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The yellow peppers here add just the right touch of spice to your appetizer.

What do think about antipasto? It's arguably one of my favorite things in while world. Will you be making it soon?