67 Simply Super Summer Cocktails ...


Summer cocktails are perfect for relaxing on the patio, chilling with the girlfriends, a pool party, sipping on the beach, a family barbecue, or just because.

With fresh fruit, herbs and spices old favorites are given new twists and unseen before combinations will become new favorites.2

I canโ€™t wait to try some of these fabulous summer cocktails.

Ready to get shaking?

1. Circo Pomegranate Lemonade

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Via Cool Off With Some Summer ...

Let's kick off summer cocktails with something that looks as refreshing as it tastes delicious.

2. Sex in the Driveway

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Via Top 10 Summer Cocktail Recipes ...

Can't have sex on the beach?

Have sex in the driveway instead.

3. Hula Dancer

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Via Cocktail Recipes





Lychee syrup?

Sign me up!

4. Fresh Cherry Mojito


Via Cherry Mojito Recipe

Want to try a changeup of the traditional mojito?2

5. White Wine Peach Sangria

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Via Lovely Libations: Peach Sangria

Don't like sangria because don't like red wine?

Have a white wine sangria instead!

6. Hippie Juice

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Via Delicious Drink Recipes: Hippie Juice ...

This might be the best summer cocktail ever.

7. Skinny Mojito


Via Mojito Wine Spritzer - Mountain ...

On a diet?

This skinny version of the classic mojito won't sabotage your weight loss goals.

8. Island Girl

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Via 5 Island-Inspired Cocktails

Classic cocktail ingredients come together in a refreshing summer drink.

9. Spiked Arnold Palmerโ€™s with Honey Jack Daniel's Whiskey

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Via Southern Belle of the West: ...

They say you can't taste the alcohol in this one.3

10. Fresh Mint Margarita


Via Delicious Summer Sips

Add some mintiness to a margarita

11. Skinny Bikini

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Via 8 Skinny Summer Cocktails Under ...

Is there anything not good about coconut vodka?2

12. Blackberry Sage Cooler


Via Tuesday Ten: Summer Cocktails

Beautiful and you can enjoy the benefits of fresh blackberries and sage.

Pink Grapefruit Mojito Mimosa
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