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I don't have a ton of cookie cutters, but it's always fun to use them to create delicious treats for parties or just for fun. And it turns out that cookie cutters are great for more than just cutting cookie dough. Who knew? No matter what you do with yours, it's fun to experiment in the kitchen and see what new and exciting things you can come up with. If you know of any great places for me to find cookie cutters, please let me know. I'd love to add some unique finds to my kitchen collection.

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Halloween Treats

Halloween Treats Via More Great Halloween Treats! (and ...
I love cookie cutters for all the holidays, don't you? This tiny little ghost is super cute.


All about Love

All about Love Via 3 Healthy Strawberry Snacks for ...
Use a heart cookie cutter for many purposes, including cutting fruit into valentine's Day treats that everyone will love.


Moose Cookies

Moose Cookies Via Decorated Moose Cookies
Repurpose your existing cookie cutters to make other items by turning them in different ways.


Bake Brownies in Cookie Cutters

Bake Brownies in Cookie Cutters Via Cookie Cutter Fudge
What an awesome idea! You can serve festively shaped brownies with them. Or cake squares or bars of any type.


This creative baking method is a great way to make special treats for any occasion. Using cookie cutters to shape brownies, cake squares, or bars is a simple and fun way to make desserts look festive. You can use any type of cookie cutter, from seasonal shapes like pumpkins or Christmas trees to everyday shapes such as hearts or stars. To make the treats even more delicious, you can add frosting, sprinkles, or other toppings. With a little creativity, you can make a unique dessert that everyone will love.


Snapping Monsters

Snapping Monsters Via Snapping Monsters: My Other Creations: ...
You don't even have to use your cookie cutters for actual cooking. This is a cute embellishment for your holiday gifts.


Diamond Cookie Cutter

Diamond Cookie Cutter Via Inspired Kitchen Fun
I've never seen a cookie cutter like this, but I bet the finished product looks pretty awesome.


Kitchenaid Mixer

Kitchenaid Mixer Via 19 Legitimately Awesome Cookie Cutters
Bakers unite! Anyone who loves to whip up sweet treats will get a kick out of this cookie cutter.


Cut Vegetables

Cut Vegetables Via 47 Unexpected Things To Do ...
Those tiny cookie cutters can be put to good use by cutting veggies for a party or your child's lunchbox.


Batman Superhero

Batman Superhero Via SMALL Batman cookie or fondant ...
Little boys around the world will love this. It would be perfect for a themed birthday party.


Batman is one of the most iconic superheroes of all time. He is a symbol for justice and courage, and his popularity has only grown over the years. This Batman cookie cutter is perfect for any themed birthday party. It is made of stainless steel and is designed to be durable and easy to use. The cutter is designed to create a 3D Batman logo that is sure to be a hit with all the little boys at the party.

Baking cookies is a great way to show your love and appreciation for someone. This Batman cookie cutter is sure to be a hit with all the kids at the party. Not only will they have a great time creating their own Batman cookies, but they will also get to enjoy eating them afterwards. Plus, the cookie cutter is a great way to get everyone involved in the party.

This Batman cookie cutter is not only useful for making cookies, but it can also be used for making other treats such as cake pops, fondant shapes, and even ice cream sundaes. The possibilities are endless and the kids will love getting creative with their own Batman creations.


Tiny Snowflakes

Tiny Snowflakes Via Peppermint Bark Snowflakes - Rhubarb ...
You don't have to use these to cut cookies. Use them to make bark for the holidays too.


Heart and Star

Heart and Star Via witticisms: Fruit Fusion
These attached cookie cutters allow you to make a cookie that doesn't look like any other you'll ever see.


Crafting delightful treats for your loved ones just got a whole lot more fun with the Heart and Star cookie cutter. This whimsical tool makes it easy to spread the joy, whether you're baking for a special occasion or just because. Imagine the look of surprise and happiness when you serve cookies that truly come from the heart—and with a touch of starry magic. Great for kids' parties, Valentine's treats, or to add that extra dose of love to any batch of cookies, this cutter is a must-have for any playful baker's collection.


Use Cookie Cutters for Marshmallows

Use Cookie Cutters for Marshmallows Via 47 Unexpected Things To Do ...
What a fun way to make a mug of hot chocolate look fun and exciting. Kids will love this!


Pacman Video Game

Pacman Video Game Via fab.com
Anyone who loves the old school PacMan game will love these little cookies.


Zombie Cookie Cutter

Zombie Cookie Cutter Via Halloween Food Ideas - Halloween ...
This is so awesome! You could really go crazy decorating zombie cookies.


Corgi Cookie Cutter

Corgi Cookie Cutter Via Dainty Illustrated Pooch Products : ...
Now isn't this adorable? You could use it to make homemade dog treats for your pet.


Sherlock and John

Sherlock and John Via 25 Creative Cookie Cutters
It's hard to see how the cookie cutter will produce the finished cookies, but these are pretty epic.


Bow Tie

Bow Tie Via reach for the heavens and ...
Use these to make bow ties for Father's Day or make them girly bows for your daughter and all her friends.


Sugar Skull

Sugar Skull Via One moment please...
These have got to be my favorite cookie cutters ever! I need a set of my own.


Inspired by the Sea

Inspired by the Sea Via Pirate Cookie Cutter Set / ...
These pirate themed cookie cutters are sure to please kids everywhere.


Tea Party

Tea Party Via Tea Party Cookie Cutter Collection ...
Make your next tea party something to remember with these cookie cutters.

What kinds of cookie cutters do you have? I have the classic Halloween and Christmas ones, but I'd love to grow my collection. Do you see a cookie cutter on this list that you want?

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Love the marshmallow hot choc one it's adorable

I love my cookie cutters, my family buys them for me as gifts because I'm the bake-aholic in the family. LOVE THEM!

Awesome! I'll add cookie cutters to my Christmas list! :)

Zombie for me !

I feel like starting a collection of cookie cutters

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