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7 Food Trends We Can't Wait for in 2014 ...

By Kati

What food trends would you love to see in 2014? Worry not if you’re not sure what your taste buds feel like doing in a few months – industry experts have been working it out for you, and they’ve already released a list of the top trends that they think will dominate over the next 12 months. So, here’s the top food trends of 2014 (according to our crystal ball!) – can you see them catching on?

1 Tasting Menus

This has to be one of the weirdest food trends I’ve read about, so I’m keen to hear what you think! According to insiders, the recession has lead to more indecision about what we want to eat when we got out – we eat out so much less that we just can’t decide, and that leads to regret and unhappiness, even if the meal we chose was good. To thwart this, they’ve predicted a rise in tasting menus throughout 2014. Tasting menus are shorter menus that offer 7 or 9 courses, each being a very small portion of a different meal. So what do you think – would you buy?

2 Chicken is Going Uptown

Chicken won’t be a humble meal choice for much longer. It’s already gone upper class in New York, where a restaurant is already selling a whole chicken with foie gras arranged to look like a bouquet, and the rest of the world is set to get on board. It’s not just fancily-arranged foods, either. Common accompaniments will include dandelions, faro and quail egg. Posh!

3 Goodbye Food Halls, Hello Food Halls

Food courts serving the same old chain foods are on their way out – but communal eating areas are here to stay. They’ll simply be transformed into artisan food halls, packed with luxury restaurants and snack stalls, and combining manufacturing, eating, takeaway and retail. The animated basement of The Plaza Hotel is an example of this working amazingly.

4 Fish

Fish will be big next year. Not just common fish like salmon or cod, either – anchovies, boquerones, sardines, herring, mackerel, blue fish…those types of fish that haven’t been popular in years are making a comeback. To stay ahead of the trend, start using them in Nicoise salads or tossed atop pasta now.

5 Carbonated Coffee

Sounds grim, right? Apparantly not. Starbucks is still committed to turning Americans to tea, but it’s also introduced carbonated features in a few restaurants, allowing customers to fizz up their coffee. Teavanna is also joining the tea fight, especially with its herbal and fruit offerings – and boozy tea cocktails may well be a secret hit.

6 Creative Spreads

Bread baskets aren’t going anywhere, but butter and balsamic vinegar might! Instead, lookout for exotic spreads like black garlic mostarda, vanilla tapenade, rosemary hummus, smoked ricotta, porcini oil, jalapeno oil, whipped chicken liver butter…you get the picture. Not only will they add some variety to classic breads, but they’ll give your favorite meals a new kick, too.

7 Green

One of the biggest foods trends during 2014 will continue right on through from 2013 – health foods. The gluten-rejectors, Paleo people, vegetarians, vegans and diabetics have changed food, and two decades of advice from nutritionists has us all looking at our choices more closely. Healthy food is no longer a niche market. It’s become mainstream, and the choices will only widen during 2014.

So, which of these food trends are you most looking forward too? I’m curious about trying different spreads, and carbonated coffee sounds interesting – as a soda-lover, I’m certainly tempted! Do you think I’ve missed any big 2014 food trends? Let me know!

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