8 Addictive Foods ...


If you’ve ever been on a diet, you know how hard it is to resist addictive foods.

Some of us — like me!

— are addicted to sweets, while others constantly crave salty snacks or fatty foods.

What are these addictive foods, and why do we crave them so?

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Here are the most notorious addictive foods, and why we want them all the time.

1. “Bad” Carbs

If you find yourself constantly craving pasta, bread, French fries, smashed potatoes and such, you might have a small “bad” carbs addiction, which sounds strange, but is completely possible.

Carbs are one of the most addictive foods, something our bodies crave.

When we eat them, our brains react the same way they do to cocaine, and when you scale back on them, you may actually experience slight withdrawal symptoms, like headaches and irritability.

Salty Snacks
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