20 Delightfully Delicious πŸ˜‹ Candy Apple 🍎 Recipes to Make Your Halloween πŸŽƒ ...


Planning a Halloween party? Heading to a potluck? Promise to make treats for your kid's entire class or everybody at the office? Stick with a tried and true Halloween favorite: candy apples. Dip them in a candy mixture, caramel, or chocolate, they're all candy apples, and they can do double-duty as food and decor. Anyway, no one ever refuses food on a stick.

1. The Basic Candy Apple

The Basic Candy Apple

Recipe: thecookful.com

The traditional candy apple is delicious even at its most basic. Making them at home isn't difficult at all, especially with this recipe. This involves making your own candy coating, which means you can make your apples as brilliantly red as you like or you can experiment with different colors. However, you can also melt down candy instead – I suggest Jolly Ranchers because the results are awesome.

The Basic Caramel Apple
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