3. Coffee Cup Quiche

Coffee Cup Quiche

In the mood for some quiche but not in the mood to make an entire "pie" of it for just yourself? Then make it in a mug! It's the perfect way to start your morning and you can fill it with whatever you have in your kitchen! This recipe uses prosciutto or ham but feel free to make a vegetarian version with spinach!


1 egg

1 1/2 tablespoons milk


Ground black pepper

1/4 of a bagel (or similar amount of French bread, etc.)

2 teaspoons cream cheese

1/2 slice prosciutto or ham

Fresh thyme leaves or fresh chopped chives

Dijon mustard


Beat egg and milk together with a fork in a coffee cup, adding salt and pepper to taste. Tear bread into dime-size pieces; stir in. Add cream cheese; stir in. Tear or cut prosciutto into small pieces; add to mixture. Sprinkle with thyme.

Microwave on high until done, about 1 minute 10 seconds. Garnish with mustard and fresh thyme or chives.

Source: stltoday.com

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