7 Super Easy Baking Recipes to Help You Start Appreciating Your Oven ...


Easy baking recipes, dishes and non-bake stuff are just what a girl needs to start appreciating all those interesting kitchen appliances!

Like an oven for example!

Now, that thing used to seem very friendly when my mom was around.

Then I got married, got an oven of my own (it came with the husband actually) and guess what?2

It started giving me the “Look.” Seriously…now that mom was not around, oven was so not looking like the user friendly appliance I remember.

I approached it carefully, used it warily and somehow, at some point we befriended.

I have a few great baking recipes for beginners to thank for that and I really wanted to run them by you today.

Check them out.

1. Stale Bread Pizza

First on my list of easy baking recipes is a real piece of cake… err pizza!

It’s my brother’s favorite dinner option, my mother’s creative way to use yesterday’s bread, it’s super tasty and a definite must-try if your family members tend to be as picky about their bread as we are.


Stale Bread

2-4 Eggs

Cheese, Ham, Ketchup (+ everything else you like on your pizza)


Cut your bread up in thin slices, whisk the eggs, dip each slice in the eggs and arrange in a non stick baking dish to form a pizza-bread.

Once you’ve molded them all, spread ketchup on top, adding ham, oregano as well as everything else you might have in your fridge and wouldn’t mind having on your pizza.

Cheese comes last then it’s into the oven (preheat it to 200°C/400°F) until it gets a nice, golden tan.

Cut, serve and bon appetit!

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