7 Types of Rice That Are Much More Flavorful than White Rice ...


White rice lacks a lot of flavor and needs condiments and sauces to jazz it up;

however, just because white rice is boring, it doesn’t mean that all types of rice are flavorless.

There are more than 40,000 varieties of rice throughout the world, and, while you can only buy a handful of these varieties at the grocery store, many of them are full of flavor.

Depending on the variety of rice you choose, you could have a variety that is sweet, nutty, chewy, or fluffy.

Each of the following types of rice is very different, and if you try a few of them, you just might find a new favorite type of rice.

1. Red Rice

Red Rice

Red rice is a whole grain rice that has a red husk.

There are several different types of rice that are red, including Bhutanese red rice.

Bhutanese red rice has a nutty flavor that is very delicious.

When it is cooked it turns a pinkish color that is quite unexpected.

Wehani Rice
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