Fascinating Food Facts πŸ‹πŸπŸͺ 🍰 Every Healthy Girl Must Know ...


One of my guilty pleasures is food trivia so I love learning unique food facts and sharing them with others.

Food is such a prominent part of our everyday lives and our culture that I figure it never hurts to know as much as possible, right?

Plus, you might learn a thing or two about the foods you’re eating, where they come from, and perhaps learn that you might not need to be eating them after all.

Or, in other cases, some of these unique food facts are downright shocking and make for excellent conversation starters at the dinner table, or not, depending on what fact you’re sharing, obviously.

Check out some of these unique food facts.

Many of them will probably surprise you and a few just might inspire you!

1. Bacos Are Vegan

Bacos Are Vegan

Most people find this to be one of the most unique food facts of all: Betty Crocker’s Baco’s bacon bits are actually vegan and contain no animal products whatsoever.

What they do have is soy protein, salt, and added flavor - who knew, right?

Not all bacon condiments are vegan though so read up on brand labels to see which ones are if it’s a concern.

2. Spinach Has More Calcium than Milk

Spinach Has More Calcium than Milk

A Β½ cup of spinach has 115 milligrams of calcium, which is three times the amount of what you’d get in a 8 ounce glass of milk.

Skip the cow and head straight for the spinach.

Popeye must have known what he was doing, don’t ya think?

3. Apples and Roses

Apples and Roses

Apples are actually in the same family of plants as roses.

So are pears and plums - who knew?

No wonder apples are one of America’s most loved fruits!

4. Peas on Pizza

Peas on Pizza

In Brazil you won’t find pepperoni pizza but you will find plenty of pea pizza.

Green peas are one of the most popular pizza toppings of this exotic country.


Yes, but at least they’re healthy, right?

Skittles Contain Beetles
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