7. Frozen Yogurt Cubes

This is my favorite trick of all that doesn’t use other fruits or veggies to replace bananas. Freeze yogurt into ice cube trays and put them in the freezer until they are frozen. They will thicken a smoothie fast and give you that frozen yogurt texture straight out of the blender. I love this trick for making healthy ice cream and healthy frozen yogurt at home, but it is even better in a smoothie as a thickening agent. It also makes your smoothies more like ice cream smoothies you can eat with a spoon versus drink out of a straw. Use about 5-6 frozen yogurt cubes per banana you would use in a recipe.

There are many other ways to thicken a smoothie without a banana, but these are my favorite ways of all, since they give great results with little effort. What are your favorite ways to thicken a smoothie without bananas?