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9 Facts about Quark You Should Know ...

By Heather

Since it is starting to appear more and more on the shelves, I’m here to give you a few facts about quark to keep you in the know. Quark is a dairy product that resembles yogurt in texture and appearance. They also have similar tastes and nutritional profiles, but before you trade in your Chobani for a cup of quark, be sure you know the difference between the two so you can pick the best option for you. Check out these facts about quark and if you’re up for something new, pick up some this week and give it a try!

1 Sold with Dairy

One of the first facts about quark you should know is it is a dairy product, therefore it’s sold in the dairy section. You’ll likely find it right next to the Greek yogurt, though it’s actually a type of cheese. Right now, it’s mostly sold in Germany, the UK and Australia, but varieties in the U.S. are popping up slowly.

2 More Protein than Yogurt

Per 100 grams, quark contains 150% more protein than Greek yogurt. This can be helpful if you’re vegetarian, looking to increase your lean muscle mass, or trying to lose weight.


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3 Sugar-Free

Quark is naturally sugar-free and low-carb, unless you buy a sweetened version. It’s very similar in its carbohydrate profile to Greek yogurt, but contains just a few less grams of natural sugars.

4 Just like Cottage Cheese

Since quark is a type of cheese, you may be wondering what it tastes like. It actually tastes much like cottage cheese, except it is salt-free and contains no rennet. This makes it a much healthier form of cottage cheese if you’re dieting and looking for low-sodium options.

5 Extremely Creamy

Quark is extremely creamy, unlike cottage cheese that is lumpy from curds. Quark contains no curds whatsoever and has the same silky texture as Greek yogurt.

6 Pricey

You’ll definitely pay for the unique benefits of using quark in your diet. One reason is it’s quite pricey since it originates from Europe. I imagine as it becomes more popular like Greek yogurt has, prices will reduce. Until then you may want to save it for a splurge if you’re watching your budget.

7 Lactose-free

One of the main health highlights of quark is it is lactose-free. This makes it helpful for those that don’t tolerate lactose (the sugar in dairy), or for anyone on a low-carb diet.

8 Europeans Love It

Quark is a staple of the European culture where it originated. It’s often used in dishes where sour cream is used in the United States and is regularly enjoyed for breakfast just like Greek yogurt.

9 Not Vegan

Just to be clear, quark is not vegan, so be sure you know that it comes from dairy cows, though it does have many health benefits.

I’ve spotted quark at my local Whole Foods here in SC, but it’s usually sold out (with obvious reason). Since I haven’t tried it out yet, I’d love to hear from any quark fans out there so I can get your thoughts on this new trendy US food. Have a favorite brand? Let me know so I can check it out!


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