Healthy 💪 Brown Bag 💼 Lunches 🥗 for Something New and Delicious 😋 ...

Not only are brown bag lunches important for kids returning to school, but also good for a loved one or yourself who are tired of the same thing for lunch every day! No more tearing off the edge of the bread and consuming your millionth slice of bologna!

Published on Sep 22, 2008

The brown bag lunches in this video are tasty and economical.

Where can you find such good lunches using a simple tortilla or pita? This takes one away from the boring piece of bread!

Pepperoni and tuna, pizza sauce, salsa or Italian dressing? Just say no to bologna with mayonnaise!

Iced tea? I would pack iced tea as would rejuvenate and refresh for the remainder of the day compared to a bottled water!

A yogurt or 2? Sneak in that filling calcium! A healthy dessert to top off the lunch!

Now how hard are these tips? Super simple and easy on the wallet!

Thank you for watching!

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