8 Reasons to Eat Organic ...

There are so many reasons to eat organic foods, but unless you know what those reasons are, you might wonder if the extra cost is worth it. I can assure you, it is! Countless studies have shown they’re better for you and your family, all around, but especially in a few key areas. Here are 8 reasons to eat organic foods.

1. They Contain More Nutrients

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More than 5 decades of research have shown that organic foods are more nutritious. Though research is, of course, still ongoing, and though some studies have shown it’s only marginally more effective at delivering the nutrition we need, it’s still one of the best reasons to eat organic.

2. They’re Free of Harmful Pesticides

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It seems like every few weeks, we’re hearing about the harm caused by certain chemicals in food, most of the time from a chemical used to grow it. In order for a food to earn the USDA Organic label, it must be grown, handled, and processed naturally, without harmful chemical fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides, antibiotics, and growth hormones. Instead, organic farmers use safer, more natural methods to grow their crops and animals, like using compost to feed plants and using naturally-derived pesticides.

3. They’re Especially Better for Kids

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Children are especially susceptible to the harm caused by chemicals used to grow and process our food, so if you have kids, you may want to seriously consider going organic. If you’re concerned about the cost of feeding your family with organic-only foods, then opt for organic where it counts most, by buying organic versions of the appropriately-named Dirty Dozen. They include fruits and veggies we don’t peel before we eat, like grapes, apples, peaches, berries, and leafy greens.

4. They’re More Eco-friendly

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Because organic foods are grown and processed using traditional methods that don’t require harsh chemicals, they’re also better for the environment. Organic farming typically includes crop rotation, which is better for the food and the environment, without spraying soil with chemicals that end up in the soil and water for years after the crops are harvested.

5. Most of the Time, They’re Local

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Because organic fruits and veggies aren’t sprayed with chemical preservatives, they have much shorter shelf lives, which means they tend to be locally-grown, which is good in so many ways! First, buying local means supporting your local economy. It’s also better for the environment, since it means less trucking is required to bring the produce to market.

6. They’re Fresher

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Again, because organic fruits and veggies aren’t treated with artificial preservatives, they’re a lot fresher than their non-organic counterparts; an apple treated with chemicals, coated in wax can sit in a bin for weeks after it was picked, so by the time you buy it, it’s not very fresh. But an organic apple will only last for a short time; when you buy it, it’s fresh and sweet.

7. They’re Safer

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Aside from the health consequences that can occur when you ingest the residue from chemical pesticides and preservatives, non-organic foods present another health threat organic foods don’t: food-borne bacteria and viruses, like E. coli and salmonella. This is true of both meats and produce and eggs; non-organic versions are rife with food-borne illness-causing germs, whereas it’s very rare for these to occur on or in organic foods.

8. They’re Yummy!

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Lastly, organic foods are so much tastier than their non-organic versions! Maybe it’s because they’re fresher, or grown without chemicals, but wow, do they taste good! Not convinced? Try this little experiment: buy one organic tomato, then compare it to the bland, non-organic hot house tomato you usually buy. The difference will knock your socks off!

I know organic foods are a little more expensive than non-organic foods, but again, like all of these items point out, it’s so much better for you, for your body and your soul! I admit I was first compelled to try organic food on the taste-test alone, but which of these might convince you? Or, if you already eat organic, is there another reason to made the switch? Please share!

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