7 Ways to Make Mac'n Cheese Recipe Exciting ...

Mac'n Cheese Recipe ingredients can get a little boring, you know? Noodles, cheese, a few spices, and that's it. I love macaroni and cheese but I'm getting a bit tired of the same old thing. In a huge stroke of luck, I went looking for a new mac'n cheese recipe and instead I found tons! It was hard to choose among my favorites, but I managed. Forewarning, there is lots of seafood in this list, but that's no bad thing, right? So keep reading, and hopefully you'll find a new mac'n cheese recipe or two that you like!

1. Crab Cake Mac & Cheese

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I love crab cakes. I love macaroni and cheese. Adding crab cake to a mac'n cheese recipe is thus a natural progression for me. Seriously, this is so delicious it will give you a foodgasm. Just reading the recipe qualifies as food porn. It's a little complicated, I'll grant you, but still well worth the effort.

2. Reuben Mac & Cheese

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When I first saw this, I was skeptical. Unlike my idol House, I'm not a huge fan of the Reuben, with or without pickles. Oddly, however, I do love the separate ingredients in the much loved sandwich, so I'm game. Honestly, rye bread, sauerkraut, Swiss and Gruyere, along with spicy deli mustard? Count me in!

3. Thai Red Curry Mac & Cheese

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Speaking of spice, if you like it hot, then this mac'n cheese recipe is the one for you! It's got a crumb topping, but the real kicker is the addition of lots of red curry paste. The recipe should include a pitcher of water for after!

4. Goat Cheese Mac & Cheese

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If you like the “cheese” part of mac'n cheese best, this is the recipe for you. It features Monterey Jack, cream cheese, and the promised goat cheese. Not only that, but it's spiced with jalapenos, and the topping, made with panko bread crumbs, has bacon! Bacon! Although that's optional, of course.

5. Lobster Mac & Cheese

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I've been dying to find a good lobster mac'n cheese recipe, and I finally found it! Now, there is a lot of prep work involved, unless you just buy lobster pieces which is totally acceptable – you'll just have to get some lobster oil or essence, too. In addition to the pasta, though, this recipe includes a delicious beurre blanc sauce.

6. Mac & Cheese Soup

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Here's a really original take on mac'n cheese: soup! The stock involves shrimp shells, tons of tomatoes, and your own homemade chive oil, among other delicacies. Although there's a lot of ingredients, the prep itself is really easy and the result is actually quite amazing.

7. No Bake Mac & Cheese

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Here's a mac'n cheese recipe for anyone who doesn't have time to bake, or just doesn't like to – no baking required! It includes Neufchatel cheese, cauliflower, garlic, and lots of other tastiness. In all, it only takes about 50 minutes and the results make you never want to bake mac'n cheese again!

I know what mac'n cheese recipe I'm going to fall in love with – crab cakes! Finding a new, exciting mac'n cheese recipe is an excellent way to spice up a standard favorite. You can also experiment on your own and come up with a completely new mac'n cheese recipe of your own design! Do you have any you'd like to share now?

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