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What do You Want to Eat ?

By Maude

what do you want to eat? We’ve all been there. Out of nowhere, hunger strikes. Your spouse asks if you want something to eat. You nod yes, and then he waits for you to answer before he orders. And then, suddenly, your mind goes completely blank, and your spouse is left in a one-sided conversation. Use these three strategies to beat your significant other to the punch: What do you want to eat?

1 Fast Food

Order from a familiar place, but make sure it is a place both you and your partner have eaten at before, possibly many times. Add an appetizer and dessert. You won’t care if the meal is a success or not. You can replace it with the appetizer. If the appetizer fails, we all know that the dessert will bring satisfaction. It’s a win-win situation.

2 Cook from Home

Try something new. Cook an exotic home-cooked meal. Companies like the Blue Apron and Plated save you a trip to the grocery store and are more than happy to deliver the ingredients straight to your door. Cook the food together, turn it into a date night. Make it fun.

3 When in Doubt, Buy Time

Dine at a local restaurant that has a variety of food. The drive itself will buy you time. Think about three meals you would like to eat. Surf through the menu. Try to match them or the closest dishes to it. Choose the meal you want the most.

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