3 Winter Dessert Recipes That Won't Break Your Diet ...


When the winter comes, so does the craving for comfort foods โ€“ stews, pies, soups, breads โ€“ and desserts, of course! Iโ€™ve always found that denying myself makes me want to pig out even more โ€“ and everyoneโ€™s resistance breaks at some point! So here are my favorite winter dessert recipes that arenโ€™t quite so bad, and that won't break your diet.

1. Mud Pie Torte

This is a great recipe from an old Readersโ€™ Digest magazine that my grandma kept. She loved the recipe, and adapted her own version โ€“ itโ€™s delicious! Hereโ€™s how to make it:

Serves 10.

Ready in an hour.


250g Bourbon biscuits (buy pre-crushed ones if you can!)

100g of melted butter โ€“ unsalted

120g 70% cocoa dark chocolate

120g diced butter โ€“ unsalted

4 large eggs

140ml of double cream

For the topping:

200ml of whipping cream

Vanilla bean paste (3/4 drops)

2 tablespoons of icing sugar


Crush the Biscuits into Crumbs. There Are Plenty of Ways to do This, but Whisking Them is Probably Easiest
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